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Just when things couldn’t get any more complicated for the Mutahhida Qomi Movement Pakistan, one of their MNAs and senior leader Salman Mujahid was just accused of sexual harassment by a women in Karachi. Judging by his recent track record, the allegation might just be apt.

Salman Mujhaid, a long serving member of the MQM during Altaf Hussain’s regime as head, decided to switch allegiances when he decided to join Mustafa Kamal’s PSP after being kicked out by the MQM, but only a few days ago, decided to rejoin MQM Pakistan.

The woman filed a complaint at a local police station in Karachi, citing that the MNA had invited her to the Parliament Lodges in Islamabad, offering to help her get employed. Aleena, the name the woman goes by, also claimed that Salman Mujhaid filed his sexual endeavors with her on a hidden camera, and even threatened to leak the video online, also asking four million rupees from her to delete it.

She also went on to say that Salman later asked for her forgiveness, and promised her that he would make her his wife, only to backtrack on his promise later. She claimed that he had his goons kidnap her brother, and tortured him while he was in their custody.

To add insult to injury, a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf filed a case against Salman Mujahid for holding a gun on a citizen. It was alleged that Mujahid held a gun to the head of a PTI worker on a public street in Karachi.

He is yet to respond to both allegations.

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