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Nothing stands the test of time like leather products do. Reminiscent to fine wine, leather tends to get better with time, and after its natural fading, becomes one of the best materials to invest your hard earned money and time into. But for almost all of us, the traditional cuts and designs never whet our appetites- you want what is different and extraordinary, that can handle whatever you throw its way. Leather products also embody luxury and comfort, meaning that what you break the bank for allows you to be a class apart and stand out.

We at Postshive are leather buffs, and we don’t shy away from admitting it. From industry heavyweights like Jafferjees and HUB, to up and coming minnows like DAB Leather, Postshive has covered and tried them all, but only recently came across a brand whose high quality leather products are worth giving a shout out to – Vintage Street. Its products are exquisitely designed, meticulously crafted and made from full grain cow leather, ensuring that they not only look great, but last a lifetime as well.

Upon our inquiries, we were apprised that Vintage Street was founded by a Monash graduate from Pakistan, who decided to use his foreign education to give back to the Pakistani business community and economy. Upon his return from Australia, Vintage Street, the online leather retail store came into being, and just like any other startup that stems from meagre investment and little industry knowledge, took its time and eventually became recognized for its quality and design. Now, it has become one of Pakistan’s most acclaimed online leather stores, giving bigwigs like HUB and Jafferjees an honest run for their money.

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These Products Got Us Hooked The Most

Laptop Messenger

This classic leather laptop bag has always had a fan-base of its own. Revered by working professional and academics alike, the strap on the side leather bag isn’t only the most durable option for you, but is also the most stylish. Spacious enough to accommodate a 15.6 inch laptop along with other essentials, Laptop Messenger will have you sorted for years and years.

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Travel Wallet

If you’re used to travelling, you’d know exactly how big a hassle it is to carry documents like your passport, Id, cards and cash with you. But what if you could fit it all into one hand held, finely crafted piece of convenience. Travel Wallet will let you keep all your essential travel documents and cards into one place, ensuring that you have more memories than mistakes to make while traveling.

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The Jupiter

What’s a leather products review without the conventional back pocket wallet? This timeless necessity seems to have been crafted to perfection in The Jupiter, with full grain cow leather complimented by sturdy and seamless stitching. Designed to carry your cash, up to nine cards and even a sim card, The Jupiter will be in your back pocket for years and years.

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Postshive’s Verdict

Leather products are one tough code to crack-where there is quality, there are hardly any aesthetics, and more often than not, quality is compromised in favour of aesthetics, rendering making the prefect leather product a fairly complicated job. Vintage Street addresses both quality and aesthetics in all its products, which might also be why it has its prices at par with industry leaders like HUB and Jafferjees. But in the end, the more you pay for a luxury like leather, the longer it lasts.

Vintage Street gets a big thumbs-up from Postshive. We’ve ordered a number of products. Give its products a try yourself as well.

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