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What we’ve been absolutely crying about for so many years has finally happened!Gone are the days when you had to write acronyms for every damn thing when you had to send out a tweet. Your days of begging for more characters are over.

Twitter announced in September that they were putting the new reform up for testing, and consequently, some selected profiles on twitter were allowed to finally break the 140 character barrier. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was one of the very first Pakistanis to enjoy the freedom. Officials Twitter hoped that the increased word limit would allow it’s users to be more expressive, who would otherwise have to either shorten their message, or divide it into different parts.




The world has been putting out what they think of the change, and it really is a huge change!





Apparently, not everybody has been blessed with the increased word limit up on Twitter. Be sure to check your profile..

We are having mixed feelings too!


What do you make of the character increment? Will it change the way you use Twitter?

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