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The fact that I am writing this review after almost 3 weeks of having team Ghar Par over is itself an attestation to the fact that Pakistani women are-more than ever- immensely time-pressed to juggle home, work and/or education! As a result, it’s no surprise when a loved one compliments our thick moustache, the eye bags under our eyes or even our hairy legs and arms-amongst other things. And with all talks of motherhood happening on Mother’s Day, it’s only fair to take a minute to reflect on their beauty and self-care!

Like many of us, I also resorted to the “Larki” that would come to beautify my relatives close by and was appalled by the unhygienic state of the tools and poor quality of the products she was using! Unable to drive, supremely annoyed by the traffic in Lahore, and frustrated at the thought of waiting for hours at our “reputable” salons, I was elated when I came across the solution to my beauty ordeals: Ghar Par.

A platform connecting at-home, talented but underprivileged beauticians to female like us who are pressed for time, Ghar Par is a female-led, web and mobile based, beauty-at-home initiative that promises to provide a high quality, punctual, luxury experience that meets the highest standards of hygiene.

One fortunate day, when I was down with exhaustion and fatigue and took the leisure of taking a day off from work, I decided to have team Ghar Par over. I was torn between their surprisingly wide range of services and finally settled on manicure, pedicure, body massage and cleansing. Don’t take my word for it. View them and their service fee here:

Why we had a 5-star experience:

1.   The entire process of making an appointment is seamless and simple.

2.   All the beauticians were BEFORE time! – Nothing makes us happier than punctuality!

3.   The beauticians were neatly dressed, all dolled up in Ghar Par uniforms. Even their nails were cut and each of them sanitized their hands before commencing work!

4.   The body massage had us smitten!- They have a custom, foldable massage table and get the “spa” ambience right with music and scented candles. The massage, of course, was supremely relaxing!

5.   The Customer Service was impressively impeccable: the beauticians’ names, pictures and contact details are shared prior to their arrival so you can verify them before letting them in your house!

6.   There was indeed value for money in all services we availed: salon-like, professionalism indeed!

Get your nails done today with GharPar!

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7.   There’s nothing more comforting than being pampered at the comfort of your home- even our cats thoroughly enjoyed watching the team at work!

8.   It was really inspiring to see beauticians mobilized by the business, and well- groomed with professional training! Many of us are unaware that beauticians working at even reputable salons do not get fair wages. According to Ghar Par, many women working there earn more than 40k a month, where the average monthly income of a salon employee is roughly Rs, 6,000-8,000!(source:

Here’s how you can get your beauty done right, and ghar par:

  1. Visit and request to become a member! Once you receive the membership ID you can order your service online anywhere, anytime!
  2. When you need a beauty treatment, go to the website, add your membership ID number, mobile number and simply select the beauty treatment you wish to receive.
  3. Enter the date and time that is most convenient for you. Not at home? No problem! Input whatever address you may be at and the beautician will come to you.
  4. Enjoy being pampered by our highly skilled beauticians in the comfort of your home for the amount of time you’ve booked them for.
  5. Once your service ends, GharPar team will send you a message about your total bill and a request to rate your beautician! Your input is imperative!

Check out their Mother’s day sale rates:

So go ahead and treat your moms on Mother’s Day, and that too ghar par (pun intended).

Happy Mother’s Day!

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