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While reading this, remind yourself of how much you bought your last phone for

If you’re living and breathing in this beautiful country we call home, you’re probably pretty synonymous with attaching stigmas and stereotypes with harmless and uncomplicated notions and practices. As it turns out, one which is right at the very top, as we found out, was dental treatment.

The idea of getting your teeth fixed as being expensive is absolutely NOT true, and we’ve got good reason to prove why…

Almost a couple of years ago, yours truly was diagnosed as having a crooked jaw, and was recommended to get it fixed by getting braces. While chalking out the next forty years of my life (fingers crossed), I thought it would actually be a good investment, clinically and aesthetically, especially considering I had a few teeth here are there as well. I mean who doesn’t want a good smile?

As I posed in front of the mirror for days on end imaging how my mouth would look after bulging out, on the forefront of it all were two questions:

One, “Will I be able to afford it?

And two, “The year long endeavor is not worth it, rehne do…

Had I not done a little research, I would not be writing this today. When I eventually discovered that the procedure was indeed very affordable, I went in the very next day and had it done. As for the second question, rest assured that it is well worth the bi-weekly visits and chewing gum abstinence!

FACT: Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan, is a dentist by profession.

So how much does it really cost, you ask?

How much will it take for me to get my teeth fixed? Just going all out and quoting the exact figure is boring. Why don’t I get you to do a little math yourself.

  • The total cost of the procedure is either less or around the price you’ve paid for your mobile phone.
  • The entire procedure will cost less than how much most of us have spent on buying our laptops (excluding Mac book walay)
  • Almost twice a fresh graduate’s average salary in Pakistan.
  • Shahid Afridi’s actual age, multiplied by one thousand.

Disclaimer: The cost approximation is based on decent and affordable dentists of Pakistan. If you’re planning on going to Rehman & Rehman, you’re a little too ameer to be reading this article.

Whether you are ready to admit this or not, if you’re someone who is not comfortable with the way their teeth look, chances are that you’ve thought about going to a dentist to get them fixed. Based on personal encounters and countless articles on the web, dental imperfections can lead to depression and anxiety, words that you simply can’t take lightly these days.


So here’s the thing:

We all want to look good, have a perfect smile, but some of us, like your’s truly, have to do a little renovation work to achieve it. Being able to laugh and smile without any inhibitions can be one of the best things that will happen to you, and the best part is, it’s going to last a lifetime, regardless of how old you are. In case you’re okay with your perfect imperfections, then more power to you!

Let us know of your experiences with dentists in Pakistan in the comments.

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