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To have that perfect figure (the ladies), or to have that chiseled and ripped physique (the gentlemen), one can go unnecessary lengths to achieve them, without any appreciable results to show for it. No need to worry, POSTSHIVE has your back! Here is all you need to do to lose weight.




The key to losing weight lies in the simple concept of supply and demand. If you consume more calories than is required by your body, it ultimately accumulates as fat. This does not mean that you don’t consume calories; all you have to do is make sure the intake is lesser than the outtake, which will result in the body eating up its fat to fulfill its energy requirements. Google your Body Mass Index (BMI) and find out your calorie requirements.




If you’re looking to lose weight, or even more so, live a long and healthy life, you better renounce fizzy drinks as soon as you can. Studies through the years have continuously shown just how harmful these drinks can be, and them making drastic changes on your waistline is a no-brainer! The carbonated drinks cause your tummy to literally puff out, and the insane amounts of sugar in them, in addition to pretty much zero nutritional value, lead to you gaining weight. Instead of the likes of Coke and Mountain Dew, develop a habit of drinking water. On pop a week of these drinks is fine, but not more than that if you’re looking to cut down.





Since eating got you there in the first place, it is eating that is going to get you back where you want to be. Unless you’ve got a medical condition, one simply cannot put on weight without eating improperly. All the delicious things out there that you might be craving are extremely detrimental to your goal of losing weight. What you need to do is immediately drop the French fries, burgers, chocolate bars, processed ice-creams, pasta, pizza and so on. Instead, try the delicious vegetables and fruits in the world. If you’re a meat lover, you can eat all the meat you want, but just make sure it is boiled, or made in olive oil. Try to drink green tea or detox waters like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ll ultimately get there!




If you aren’t working out, be sure that it’ll take a lifetime for you to get your desired body shape. Exercising is the golden rule of losing weight. This does not necessary mean that you spend half your day sweating it out in the gym; developing an active lifestyle is the trick. For instance, the next time you want to go out for groceries to the nearby store, walk over there rather than taking the car. If you can take out an hour from your day for the gym, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor. A combination of cardio plus weight training can lead to eye-popping results, and in no time as well. We suggest you hire a personal trainer to push you that extra mile, but even if you cannot, know that you’ve always got Google. Half the gym-junkies are trained by YouTube, and you can too.

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