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If you thought that Suicide Squad was the most high profile superhero movie to be released so far , then you’ve got absolute treats coming your way in the coming months. The anti-hero flick was just the beginning of a series of sequels and prequels set to be released later this year and the next by comic book powerhouses Marvel and DC. Here are the ones Postshive is looking forward to:

Doctor Strange (November 2016)

After excelling in roles like Alan Turing in The Imitation Game and the eccentric detective Sherlock Holmes in recent times, Benedict Cumberbatch pulls on a cape for Doctor Strange in Marvels latest. He plays a former neurosurgeon, who after a career ending car accident, decides to go on a quest to heal his incapable hands, where he comes across the Ancient One, from whom he learns and masters the mystic arts. With the power of magic in his hands, how exactly will he use it? Who is he going to use them on? Well just have to wait till November to find out. Watch the trailer here.

Wonder Woman (June 2017)


After starring in the blockbuster Batman Vs Superman movie as one of the founding members of the Justice League, Gal Gadot returns to the screen as Wonder Woman, in a movie that is set to showcase the origin of the character. The movie is set in the War times of the early 1900s, where Wonder Woman, as her alter ego Diana Prince, meets Chris Pines character, and the two of them hit it off- obviously. The movie also illustrates how Wonder Women was raised by the Greek Gods and trained in Amazonian ways to learn fighting, surviving, and hunting. As one of the prequels to the highly anticipated Justice League movie, Wonder Woman seems like a must see. Check out its trailer.

Justice League (November 2017)


After delivering much acclaimed depictions of Superman in the Man of Steel and the redefined Batman in Dawn of Justice, the DC Comics movie series is set to make its biggest and most anticipated release yet. An amalgamation of all the major heroes of the DC Universe, the movie sees Bruce Wayne become the chief recruiter of the heroes along with Wonder Woman. The new characters will include the hunky Aquaman, the quirky Flash, and Cyborg, all of whose individual films are planned to be released after the Justice League movie. DCs version of the Avengers will surely be a must watch for every Comic Book genre lover, and one of the biggest box office hits of next year! watch the trailer here.

Avengers Infinity War (May 2018)


Although no official statement has been made by Marvel or Fox regarding its production dates and release dates, it is widely believed that the Infinity Wars story-line will finally be taken up to continue the Avengers series. The movie was announced to take two parts to tell the entire story, but officials at Marvel and Disney have now announced that the Infinity War movie will be a standalone one. The movie is also likely to involve numerous Marvel characters in addition to the ones already released. Infinity War and the subsequent Avengers movie in the following years will most likely be the swansong of Marvel movies. Will these Avenger movies be even more exhilarating than the previous ones? Come 2018, well see for sure.

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