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The newest king of smartphone apps, SNAPCHAT, just announced the release of it’s very first hardware product, the video recording glasses, that will retail for $130 (around Rs 15,000) once released. ‘Spectacles’ as Snapchat has named it, is reminiscent of the kind of innovation one would expect from the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Tim Cook, rather than Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel.

Snapchat has been an innovation that we have all grown fond of. Its exponential success has led to many innovations in the application itself, like the variety of cool filters the application introduced, or the international streaming of events over the application. The introduction of an external application product though, makes for very interesting prospects for both Snapchat users and the company.


The glasses are a particularly appealing product for millennials, since it will allow them to capture point of view videos on the go, something they would have to take their phones out for otherwise. The glasses will wirelessly transfer video recordings on to the application. Whether the videos or pictures will automatically be added in your Story remains to be seen. Spectacles have been announced to come in three very flashy colors: Red, Cyan and Black. Snap Inc, as the company is called nowadays, say that the glasses will have the ability to record upto a day’s worth of videos on full charge- an overstatement if you ask us.


The working of Spectacle is very simple. With a tap of a button, the glasses will record 10-second video clips. Upon recording, the lights on the front of the glasses will light up, indicating when the glasses are recording and when they are not. This seems to be a very valuable feature, which was disappointingly absent from Google’s attempt at a similar product, Google-Glass, which showed no signs of when it was recording, garnering a reputation for itself as being creepy! Snap-Inc has made a much better attempt at the design of the glasses as well, which look no different than the colorful spectacles millennials would normally be seen wearing.


The company has not announced a release date though, stating instead that Spectacleswill be releasing ‘soon’. The glasses seem to have a better shot this time around, especially after the enormous success of Snapchat in the last few years, which according to estimates, is pulling in 15 million more visitors than Twitter every day!

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