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The Nashta only bhaari on the paet and not the pocket!

Happiness is a leisurely breakfast, who doesn’t love a good breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. So, the good news is that Salt’n Pepper Village is offering the ultimate nashta buffet for the foodies on Sundays. Salt’n Pepper Village (MM Alam Road) is the perfect location for families, we have been going there since I was in sixth grade and I was always enticed by their buffet, plus the overall village theme is the best possible attraction for townsfolk.

The Restaurant

Today we will walk you through our experience at Salt’n Pepper Village, it is a paradise for those who are fond of a pure desi nashta. The nashta is available from 9 am to 11:30 am only on Sunday mornings and it’s all you can eat without worrying about your wallets, it is only Rs. 290 per head (including tax). Furthermore, they have live entertainment, a ghazal singer with a harmonium and tabla, giving the whole place an extra ‘oomph’.

Warning: They do not accept reservations for less than 10 people and if you just want to walk in, then the seating is on ‘first come first serve’ bases. So, do make sure that you go there early if you want a good table and if you are going with 10 people then make a reservation beforehand.

Salt'n Pepper village nashta buffet

The Nashta

The part you have all been waiting for, the part which involves the actual food. So, without further let’s get started with the ravishing food…

  • Live tandoor: The greatest part of the nashta was the steaming hot naans from their live tandoor and not only this but they also had a variety of parathas (plain and aloo) and puris (plain and palak puri). I had Palak puri for the first time and it was so tasty that I had to have another one.
    Live Tandoor
  • Halwas: They had 3 types of mouthwatering halwas but the best out of those three was the ‘Shakkar Suji halwa’. Halwa was no doubt the best part of the buffet.

  • Chanay: They had 3 types of chanas and out of those three khoye channay did not have that flavor but Lahori chanay were delicious.


  • Aloo Bhaji: Meethi aloo’s flavor did not have that depth but the achari aloo bhaji was an absolute hit.

Aloo Bhaji

  • Achaar and Salad: They had a good variation of achaars and salads, we could not make up our mind on what to pick.

Achaar and Salad

  • Tea: Different types of teas were available like green tea, tea with powdered milk and even ‘doodh pati’ but it was not up to the mark. The best tea out of all was ‘Kashmiri Chayee’.


The sad part was that they didn’t have ‘lassi’ on the buffet menu but the other flavorsome items compensated for it and that’s not all, there were other additional dishes as well that were available on order.

Pros for Sunday Nashta Buffet:

The nashta was no doubt a delightful occurrence but apart from fine food we are giving you some more pros for having nashta at Salt’n Pepper Village.

  • The customer service was really good, we were warmly greeted by the staff while entering and exiting.
  • The food was piping hot and redolent.
  • Quick service
  • Good seating arrangement
  • Ample parking space
  • Valet parking


Cons for Sunday Nashta Buffet:

It is only fair to evaluate the good and not so good parts about the restaurant. Aside from the friendly ambiance and exquisite food there were some disappointing points for it as well.

  • No ‘lassi’ or omelet in the menu
  • Quality of ‘doodh pati’ was unsatisfactory
  • 9 am to 11:30 am is a very short window (specially for Lahoris)
  • No reservation policy

Overall rating(* * * * *):

Mahaul:                          * * * *

Safayi:                            * * * *

Dekh Bhaal:                  * * * * *

Mausiqui:                      * * * *

Meiyaar:                        * * * *

Paise Vasool:               * * * * *

The Salt’n Pepper Village nashta buffet has absolutely met our expectations and has not let us down. This restaurant’s nashta is definitely on our must have list, plan your next eat-out at Salt’n Pepper Village. It is perfect if you want to go with friends, family or even if you have to take a large group of people, it is not pricey and you have numerous options to choose from.

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