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It was a chilly January morning in 2011 when news broke out that Salman Taseer had been shot dead by Mumtaz Qadri, his very own guard, which turned out to be an act of opposition to Taseer’s alleged blasphemous comments. Six years on, his family seem to honoring his life by fighting over property.

The family really has been through some tough times, at least from afar. During his lifetime, Salman Taseer managed to set up successful businesses like the Daily Times, the prominent news agency, and is even said to own all PACE Shopping Centers in Lahore, besides other businesses. This allowed him to amass a reasonable amount wealth, allowing his family to not only live like Pakistan’s elite, but to also live among them. He was survived by his wife and six children, three from his ex-wife Yasmeen Sehgal, and three from his widow. Sara Taseer and her step-brother Shehryar Taseer have been embroiled in an ugly inheritance war, that has now become public.

Sara has been accusing Shehryar of transferring her stake in her father’s media company to himself, utilizing all illegitimate means that he could possibly up with. She also accused her of forging her signatures in the documents submitted by him. The worst part, her step mother is also accused to be part of the act..

She has also been calling out to PEMRA to look into the matter and take all necessary steps to give justice to her step-brother and step-mother, but nothing has come up as yet..

Then the #CorruptSheheryarTaseer began..

No comments from Sheheryar Taseer or his mother could be found. Just goes to show what lengths people go to when Lakshmi is involved. Sad!

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