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As the holy month of Ramadan is here, almost all the fast food chains and restaurant has come up with their Ramadan deals of Iftari and Sehri. Now, it has become a ritual, every year, to introduce Ramadan deals by the restaurants, since most of the people prefer dining out in Ramadan instead of working in kitchens while fasting. Thanks to the electric supply companies, most of the cities in Pakistan are facing load shedding at the time or Iftari and Sehri. This year, Postshive brings you the complete list of Ramadan deals offered at Fast food chains and restaurants across Pakistan.

Like last time on 23rd March, we have done the hard work for you and made a list of all the restaurants offering Iftar/Sehri deals. If you are living in Lahore, CLICK HERE to move directly to the restaurants Ramadan deals in Lahore. If you are from Karachi, CLICK HERE to move directly to the restaurants Ramadan deals of Karachi.

Let’s start with the Fast Food Ramadan deals across Pakistan!

1.1. Subway Sehri

1. subway sehri

“The new irresistible sehri deal from Subway is here! Buy any 6 inch sub and get the other one absolutely free! Available from 11pm to Sehri nationwide!”

1.2. Subway Iftari

1.2. subway iftaar

“Are you ready for the new iftar deal from Subway? Get 3 Subs and 3 drinks for Rs 850 from 5-8pm nationwide!”

2.1. Pizza Hut Sehri

2.1. Pizza Hut Sehri

“Enjoy Sehri this Ramadan with Pizza Hut!
Deals starting from Rs. 279 + tax
*Valid for Dine-in, delivery, take away and online orders
Order now @

2.2. Pizza Hut Iftari

2.2. Pizza hut iftari

3. Hardees

3. Hardees

“Reward your hunger with something delicious: make your way to Hardee’s.
Amazing deals for Rs.950/- and Rs.1450/-”

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