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Well, advanced technology in our daily life and better communication over the long distances has changed the way people think. Almost every expect of the life has changed due to the improved technology. People have organized their social, working and learning commitments in a way that suits them best. Everyone wants to spend less time and get maximum output no matter what field he is working in. Same goes for education and learning.

Imagine yourself breathing in chalkboard dust or sitting in the same chair for hours and paying attention to overhead projector to get the information you are hunting for. Is it exciting? So, why not sit on your favorite pillow and study while enjoying a cup of coffee in your home? That’s even exciting, isn’t it?

The MDCAT entry test sits in the catbird seat when it comes to getting admission in medical colleges in Pakistan. That’s something most of the students worry about as they don’t know what to do and what to expect while preparing for MDCAT. No doubt, the trend of taking the services of academies to do preparation for MDCAT is quite old in Pakistan. However, there’s been a quantum shift towards the online platforms over the past few years and it proved to be fruitful for the towering majority of the students- no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Well, the first thing is commitment if you are preparing yourself for MDCAT entry test. If you are committed to prepare for the medical entry test, only then you are going to reach that point. However, no one can give an efficient platform the brush-off when it comes to the preparation of MDCAT online.

In this post, we are going to unveil the top online platform for the preparation of entry tests in Pakistan. So, let’s get on with this: is the top Platform for entry test preparation in Pakistan is emerging online platform for the preparation of medical entry test. That said, everything is accessible to cater to your needs; complete video lectures, fast-revision notes, daily, weekly and monthly quizzes, questions bank, I mean everything just right in the block hole. Spot on.

With user-friendly software design, TopGrade.PK provides the aspirants pinning their hopes on getting the high score in the entrance test with the complete academic data. As far as the fee is concerned, it’s knee-high as compared to the dues charged by the conventional academies. The students can listen to complete chapter wise video lectures and make the best out of it. Chapter wise notes are also available to prepare as per the entry test rules. With that, student can keep track of the preparation with the help of daily, weekly and monthly test. That being the case, a student can give more time to the low scoring subjects so that he can do the preparation of all the subjects simultaneously. Here are a few advantages of preparing from TopGrade.PK. Here we go:

Planning your day according to the requirements

One of the biggest advantage that TopGrade.PK offers is that you can easily plan your day according to your quotidian routine. You can prepare the same way as you’ll do on campus but there’s no need to visit the classes on daily basis. This save quite a lot time and you can structure your time according to your needs and free time. A student can formulate the preparation in accordance with his interest and ease. That being the case, they can study at evening, morning or night and plan their day to cope up with the other stuff of daily routine.

There’s minimal disturbance to your life

There is no denying the fact that off-campus study fits in around the student’s life as compared to the on-campus study. The aspirants don’t need to get up early or travel around to reach out the academies in order to keep up with the fellow aspirants when it comes to the online study.

Keeping in view all these factors, TopGrade.PK provides the students with flexible time scheduling. That said, the students would be able to choose the times they can study without any disruption, set their own deadlines and deal with the syllabus in a way that suits them best. Therefore, there’ll be minimal disruption to the student’s life preparing for MDCAT using TopGrade.PK.

Maximum preparation in less time

The ease of getting information at TopGrade.PK is something we beat drums for. This is the only platform in Pakistan that provides the students with full package of online entry test preparation material not only for MDCAT but also for ECAT and other entrance tests as well.

The students don’t have to spend time in order to get the relevant information at TopGrade.PK. They know the importance of the time for the students so everything is arranged in a way that students can easily get what they are searching for. While sitting on their favourite pillow, students can prepare themselves for MDCAT online and save the precious time that would have been wasted otherwise in travelling from their home to the academies. Now, students have no need to rush towards academies as TopGrade.PK has made everything accessible from the home.

Quality Education and the highly affordable cost provides an opportunity to poor and needy students by offering very low fees to make their dreams of becoming doctor come true. The whole learning material is instructed in video discourses so that students can infiltrate as they listen them. has made it possible for an average but potential student to compete with all those who have all the amenities of life.

Well-organized teaching system

All the preparation material including video lectures and MCQs are concept based and to-the-point. For MDCAT, the entire study data is structured by the medical doctors and experienced professors of Medical Colleges. The test session is framed in such a way that students can repetitively attempt one test. The 10 year past papers are also provided with logical answers to learn and practice several times. Once a student has proficiently gone through a specific subject and accomplished the tests, he/she can review the progress. This is an effective way to know to what extent they are ready to give MDCAT and get into the medical colleges through the door.

Highly Cooperative team never leaves you alone rather available for students’ assistance whenever they need. The holds a highly supportive team that deals students stupendously and are carrying out duties of a responsible staff. The staff try their best to keep students updated with all the up-to-the-minute news related to MDCAT that can be beneficial for them. These updates are delivered in the student account once a student get registered to the website.

Sense of self-discipline and responsibility

TopGrade.PK has left no stone unturned in providing the students with efficient leaning environment. It also encourages the students to acquire the sense of self-discipline and responsibility and focus on their routine study at hand. The aspirants become responsible because they know no one is monitoring them and they have to finish the daily tasks at any cost. This makes them more responsible and help them refine their skills of self-motivation and this not only helps them score high in the MDCAT but also prepare them for future endeavors.

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