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The newest season of Coke Studio is in full swing now, and it promise to be another scintillating collection of musical fusions and renditions. Over the years, the Coke Studio has continually produced tracks that leave you spellbound. Here are Postshive’s 10 most favorite Coke Studio songs from down the years:


10. Paisay Da Nasha Bohemia, Season 5

Bohemia is a very popular artist in our part of the world. The self-proclaimed Punjabi Rap Star graced the Coke Studio stage in season 5, and sang three songs, one of which was Pasiay Da Nasha. Written by himself, the message the song sends is about the love for money, and ponders over the notion of the love affair being one-sided. A lot of food for thought on this one.


9. Toh Kia Hua Bilal Khan, Season 4.

Bilal Khans Toh Kia Hua is a very relatable song, for all those out there who have failed in love. It tells you not to lose hope, as there are plenty of other fish in the sea. For this very noble message, we not only salute Bilal Khan and Coke Studio for the song, but also list it as our ninth favorite Coke Studio song.


8. Jogi Fariha Pervez and Muazzam Ali, Season 6

The promotional song for season 6, Jogi, was one of the most standout songs from the otherwise mundane season 6. A very funky rendition of the one of the most popular scriptures of Baba Bullay Shah, the beat of the drums and the groove of the saxophone will keep you moving about when listening to this number.


7. Kangana Abu Muhammad and Fareed Ayaz, Season 4

Performed by one of the veterans of the Qawali circuit of Pakistan, Kangana is given a very contemporary twist with the musical instruments used. The mesmerizing lyrics, coupled with the powerful drums and the lung bursting vocals on the song will keep you on the edge from start to finish.


6. Pyaar Naal AttahUllah Khan Esakhelvi, Season 4

AttahUllah Khan is a legend among the Pakistani masses. Another one of his traditional romantic numbers, Pyaar Naal, was redone in Season 4, much to our pleasure. The melodious tune and soothing feel about the song will make you tap your foot. Many liked the poetry at the end more than the song itself. Well leave it to you guys to decide which is better.


5. Chori Chori Meesha Shafi, Season 3

Is there anything this woman cannot do?! Meesha Shafi pops eyeballs and sends goosebumps all over with this legendary Reshma song. The song is transformed into an ambient yet organic version, with a lot of unconventional instruments being used to give the song a mysterious feel. Meesha Shafi leaves no stone unturned in living up to Reshma’s billing, and resurrecting the song.


4. Aik Alif Noori and Saeen Zahoor, Season 2

Aik Alif marked the introduction of Noori and Saeen Zahoor on the Coke Studio stage, and what an introduction it turned out to be! Inspired by another one of Baba Bullay Shah’s scriptures, the song is a beautiful amalgamation of Sufi, Classical and contemporary music. With a very deep message, it proved to be yet another great tribute by Coke Studio to the great Baba Bullay Shah.


3. Sammi Meri Waar – Umair Jaswal & Quratulain Balouch, Season 8

Sammi Meri Waar, really hit season 8 by storm, besides the internet of course. The song proved to be an instant hit, mostly due to the over enthusiastic gestures of Umair Jaswal, who incurred the wrath of the social media. Nonetheless, the chemistry of QB and Umair was undoubtedly electric, which turned this shaadi song into one of Season-8’s best numbers. All in all, kudos to the production team for this one!


2. Alif Allah (Jugni) Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi, Season 3

Before our number one Coke Studio song came about, Jugni was the undisputed king of all Coke Studio songs. The song attained instant super-stardom, mostly due to the zesty vocal chemistry between Meesha and Arif Lohar. Lets face it; the mere sight of Arif Lohar with his Chimta makes you put your hands up and go bonkers!With 25 Million views on YouTube, it deserves to be number 2 on our list.


1. Tajdar-e-Haram Atif Aslam, Season 8

Tajdar-e-Haram is our favourite song of the eight seasons so far, and why not! Atif Aslam, with this magical rendition of the Sabri Brothers legendary qawali, consolidated his place as the king of Pakistani music. The song is a fitting tribute to the legacy of the recently deceased Amjad Sabri, whose family managed to write their name in Pakistani folklore. With a whopping 40 Million views on YouTube, Tajdar-e-Haram tops our list. Will it be overtaken in season 9? We’ll just have to wait and see.




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