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Talk about being wasteful! Nawaz Sharif is one of quite a few Pakistanis that have the privilege of sharing their birthday with Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistanis celebrated the former PM’s birthday with as much passion as the Quaid’s, but they probably went a little too far with his cake.

Nawaz Shahrif turned 68 on Monday, and to lead a country like Pakistan at that age is a true testament to the physical and mental strength the man possesses. Still going strong at his age, Nawaz Sharif enjoys a very loyal group of followers in this country, and one of his followers decided to show his affection by gifting the biggest cake the former PM might ever have seen!

The 1000 pound cake contained three layers, and over the top layer lay a lion made of fondant. The gesture, though, has been widely criticized by people over on social media, especially after the former PM’s daughter flaunted it so proudly over on Twitter.

The 1000 pound cake was seen as being an extremely wasteful act by MNS’s supporter, and that was aggravated when his Maryam Nawaz showed it off. The move faced instant backlash on Twitter.


One Pakistani thinks the wrong cake was sent to the former PM..

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