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Pakistan said their goodbyes to a TV personality that we saw all the ime growing up. She was a household name in the TV fraternity, and most of our mom’s favorite, as she showcased her culinary skills and remedies to Pakistanis for generations.

She was most famous for her cooking shoes which aired across carious television stations for years on end.


Her totkas will forever remain in Pakistani folklore. From simple to the most complicated, her home remedies were extremely easy and applicable, and they were liked by the public so much that memes began to be made on Zubaida Apa.

The famous chef died in Karachi on Thursday night, after battling an illness for a while. She was 72, and is survived by one son and one daughter. Her fami,y announced that she’ll be laid to rest after Jummah prayer on Friday.

Pakistanis having been paying their respects over on Twitter.

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