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They say the restaurant business is one of the most riskiest businesses around, but if you manage to think a little out of the box and manage it meticulously, it can turn into an absolute stroke of genius (just ask Howdy). This new thaana themed restaurant/cafe in Lahore is the new go-to place in the city.

We’ve had plenty of theme based restaurants in Pakistan over the years. Lahore’s most favorite in recent years was FRIENDS Cafe in Johar Town, which was based on the most popular sitcom ever produced.


Game of Thrones is not just a show- its an obsession, and creators of the King’s Landing Cafe in Islamabad turned their obsession into a business.


Cafe Crossbones, also in Islamabad, was the very first horror themed cafe in Pakistan.


How would you feel if you were eating good food at a place, and feeling like a true convict all the while. Pakistan’s first jail themed restaurant, Chaye Thaana, was opened in Lahore by three engineers, and it seems they’ve had their fair share of encounters with the thaana culture of Pakistan.

Located in Sector Q, Phase 2 in DHA, the exterior of the restaurant is made with traditional red bricks that our thaanas just can’t seem to make an improvement on. You will be received by a desk that looks exactly like that of an SHO’s,  served by waiters who are dressed like real convicts, and once you’re happy and fed, you will receive a bill that will be reminiscent of a conventional FIR.


Even Pakistani actor and model Emaad Irfani liked the idea..

With the our thaanas being an integral part of the Pakistani culture, the cafe’s unique concept, coupled with the fact that virtually everyone will be able to relate to it, makes Chaye Thaana destined for success. The management so rightly said,“Its the only place where you will happily allow an FIR to be issued against you!”

Postshive gives Chaye Thaana and it’s team a huge thumbs up!

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