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How often have we debated over the sheer ignorance of both the government and the public over all other sports other than cricket in Pakistan? MMA fighting is becoming increasing attractive, and Pakistanis have decent representation in the sport as well, only we don’t care enough for it. We really should!

Ahmed Mujtaba, who is also referred to as the Pakistani Wolverine due to his distinctive facial hair, is considered Pakistan’s best MMA fighter. He rose to national fame when he defeated a Singaporean fighter last year, and in the process, stretched his streak to eight wins, but lack of support and recognition from the state forced him to consider changing his country of representation. His win and eventual fame ignited a flame of hope that would help kickstart the sport in the country, but it has been anything but.

The Quetta born fighter was left to be disappointed yet again by his country. After his triumphs last year, Ahmed Mujtaba continued his training, and even went to Brazil to work on his game, all of which culminated in the fight, and eventual victory, against Chinese fighter Kai Wen Li in Singapore this month, which went completely unnoticed by every one in the country.

A dejected Ahmed Mujtaba took to social media to express his disappointment at the lack of support he and his sport have been receiving. Take a look..

How long will we be ignoring all forms of sport other than cricket. With the dynamics of the sporting having changed dramatically over the years, it is time that our government began investing in all types of sports, so that our flag can be hoisted proudly all over the world.

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