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Maryam Nawaz is the most active member of Pakistan Muslim League N on Twitter. She knows the art of staying in the limelight on social media. No matter what kind of Tweet it is, she never misses a chance to support her father. She keeps a strong eye on all the political happenings going on and is always ready to take a dig on opposition parties.

Recently, she got herself a lot of attention of Twitter while she was discussing the development works in her mother’s constituency NA-120, Lahore. One the the development was the revamping of a small public park. Unfortunately, the picture she used of the park showing BEFORE and AFTER conditions backfired very badly on Twitter and people did not leave this chance to troll her.

Here’s the tweet:

Her tweet was followed by these reaction:

What a valid question!

Mother of Sarcasm!

PTI supporters jumped in!

Wattay Comparison!

It’s a never ending debate. We couldn’t spot a difference. Did you? Comment below!

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