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It dawned on us one blessed night from the skies above and beyond.

We have countless spots for foodies, movie lovers and readers but what about creative spaces that nourish the soul through expression and connection?

Mantiq of the Mantis

Founded by Mehreen and Sabeen, two extremely amusing and ingenious artists, Mantiq of the Mantis (MotM) is a safe haven for dreamers, thinkers, artists, poets and writers- all those in love with weird fiction and obscure art. PostsHive had a tête-à-tête with the two and here’s a run-down of what happens at this space.

1. Concept

Mantiq means logic but at the same time it means discourse, deliberation and to reflect, thinking intuitively. Mantis is a very unique creature, with very acute sense of direction, it moves very intuitively but with deliberation, hence the name ‘Mantiq of the Mantis’.

It’s a secluded place that brings together people who can share their thoughts, ideas and aspirations in order to inspire and be inspired.

2. The Strange Library

MotM also houses a one-of-its-kind library named ‘The Strange Library’, consisting of all sorts of books that came from Mehreen and Sabeen’s own personal collection -including rare editions that are no longer available.

It is a paradise for bibliophiles.

The wisdom is to break the structure of a typical library and let those people in who appreciate these books and have a deep affection for reading.

That’s not the only good news: they also handcraft their own books and notebooks.

3. Mantiq Journal

Mantiq Under the Willow Tree’ are occasional sessions held at MOTM, where members get together, express their opinions and share ideas. The handcrafted Mantiq Journal includes research about the creative processes generated during the many conversations with other creative thinkers/members.

4. Duurbeen and Goonj

Duurbeen screenings at Mantiq are a visual experience where it is not only about getting together and watching a film but to get an insight on each and every aspect of it. Whether it is the narrative, cinematography, visuals or the sound, it is an involvement and a journey as a whole and it keeps the conversation going.

Whereas Goonj, the echoing Mantis, is experimentation with the sound, more about listening rather than hearing.

Sabeen about Mehreen:

Mehreen is an artist blessed with an insight into the depths and heights of this reality which is beyond this sensory realm. … she brings the colors of science and art of life to MotM.

Mehreen about Sabeen:

Sabeen is the Mantiq that strings together every pearl of wisdom whispered, uttered, dropped or revealed in and around MotM. She is the writer without whose eloquence the Mantis cannot relay its irreverence.

So why should one head over to MotM?

It is a way of living. Providing a space to breathe, reflect and whatever that brings and then say it all out loud.  And other goodies that come with a membership is on our Facebook page.

Become a member by clicking here.

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