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No more going to the salon when it can come to you!

Want to look after yourself but can’t make the time or muster the energy to go to a salon or have a home skin-care regime? Ghar Par, the male grooming service at home, seems to have addressed this masla!

After the remarkable success of their ‘for the women, by the women’ business format, Ghar Par has now expanded into the men’s segment, allowing Pakistani men to call in its trained staff members and have all their grooming needs met at the comfort of their home!

The constant and arduous 9 am to 5 pm routine can take a physical and mental toll, especially in the fast-paced life of today, where time is precious and hard to come by. What do you do? You get everything done, Ghar Par!

Pakistan’s very first home grooming service, Ghar Par allows you to enjoy the replenishment of the periodic maintenance we all require, all in the comforts of your own home. A brainchild of four driven women in Lahore, Ghar Par isn’t only an innovative business endeavor, but has also empowered women working for them. Ghar Par primarily began as a service connecting freelance beauticians with clients, who after their detailed vetting process, were referred to the client by Ghar Par.  With many of their beauticians hailing from impoverished backgrounds, the company has been heralded for providing a staff of almost 40 women a safe workplace and decent means of livelihood.

Male Grooming Service at home
Source: Ghar Par Facebook

Ghar Par, Male Grooming Service at home, registration steps:

Here’s How It Goes:

Step 1:

Download the Ghar Par application on your iOS/Android devices.

ghar par grooming

Step 2:

Fill in your details, including your address, phone number, and even your CNIC number, and become a registered member.

ghar par subscription form

Step 3:

After your membership is confirmed and verified, sign-in with your member-id, and avail a host of services.

male grooming

What can I get done?

You can get pretty much everything done that you’d normally have on offer at a good men’s salon in Pakistan. From a simple haircut and a beard trim, to a sixty-minute stress killing full body massage (accompanied by that soothing spa music that they bring along), Ghar Par’s super professional staff will leave you happy customer, all in pretty competitive rates as well.

Here’s a little breakdown of some of their services and rates:

ghar par male grooming rates

Having made your appointment of the desired service, the Ghar Par beautician will arrive with a beauty bag in hand, along with all other necessary equipment required for the service, meaning your experience will be completely hassle free. While ensuring premium quality of product and hygiene standards, Ghar Par also acknowledges that your time is precious, promising you a 20% discount if the beautician is more than fifteen minutes late.

What are you waiting for? Download the Ghar Par app now, avail their services, and let us know how your experience was in the comments below.

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