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How does one magically find the answer to “unko kya den?”

As you or your beloved jori prep up for their wedding, how to ensure that neither tragically ends up with 15 tea sets, 5 trays, 9 bowl sets, ties, fake designer hand bags etc, amongst other purposeless gifts?

What if you or the jori you intend to buy a present for, have opinionated aesthetics? Will your present be memorable and help the newly weds? What if, as a newly wed, you receive the clothes that you abhor and decoration pieces incongruous with your new room?


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A solution has finally presented itself and it’s Just Because, Pakistan’s first wedding registry, launched by two remarkable women (who presumably have questioned people’s gifting choices and etiquettes):  Kashaf and Shafaq!


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In their words:

Just Because allows you to make a wish list for any occasion in your life – wedding, baby shower, birthdays etc. and share it with your loved one with just a click! Not only that, you can make a wish list for your best friend, your sibling or even your favorite cousin. Just create a personalized page, add all the gifts you/they would like and share the list with your friends.

Unko Shaadi gifts kya dene hain? Ab sochna nai paray ga!

Here’s how it works:

The key features of their website includes setting up funds for household item, for their honeymoon, salami, and other things such as home improvement funds ,and necessary items for the baby on the way. Other key features of Just Because include helping our loved ones out with their hobbies of travel, baking and what not!

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With Just Because , you can be discreet about giving money to loved ones-especially if they are the kind who don’t accept money as gifts. This helps the newly Nikkah-o-fied couple build their new home and the things in their new life together without clutter and with the gifts they love and want.

Would this unique wedding registry avoid the takaluf? Tell us what you think.

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