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The most used search engine on the web is an extremely busy place. With search entries of all kinds being catered to, Google’s databases are reportedly the largest of any enterprise operating on the web. What has Pakistan been searching for over on Google?

What had the opportunity to be an extremely embarrassing admission, things have turned out rather okay for Pakistan. It was reported a few years ago that Pakistan was amongst the countries that searched for more porn than any other country in the world, but Pakistanis seem to have gotten busy with their lives in the last few years.


In the latest list of keywords released by Google and local web monitoring agencies, there are no objectionable objects that have made the list of the top 25 items searched in Pakistan over the last 12 months or so. The list includes searches that have shown how social media and an interest in current affairs has transformed the way Pakistanis of today use the web. Pakistan cricket, which can be considered the national ‘babe’ of the country and it’s people, was also amongst the list, and so was their Champions Trophy victory over India in the final.

The last twelve months also introduced some new celebrities and personalities to the fore. Coke Studio Season 9, which many regard as being one of the best produced by Strings, introduced a certain Momina Mustehsan, who all of Pakistan went gaga over. The last twelve months also took away certain people that were equally iconic in the own regard. All of them made the cut in the list for the most searched personalities.

Most Searched Keywords – 2016:

-Cricket Score
-PSL schedule 2016
-PTV Sports Live
-Euro 2016
-Pak vs Eng

Most Searched Personalities:

-Qandeel Baloch
-Amjad Sabri
-Abdul Sattar Edhi
-Donald Trump
-Momina Mustehsan

Most Searched Keywords – 2017:

-Cricket Pakistan
-Pakistan Cricket Team
-Pakistan India
-News Pakistan
-Pakistan Jobs

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