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The Imran Khan vs Ayesha Gulalai fiasco does not seem to be ending anytime soon. After the MNA accused Imran Khan of sexual harassment in an astonishing press-conference in August, she has weakened her case ever since by allegations of hidden propaganda and regular change in statements.

Al Jazeera, which is an internationally recognized and acclaimed news agency based in Qatar, published a piece on their social media pages about the Ayesha Gulalai and Imran Khan scandal recently, which discussed how the PTI chief has not been legally reprimanded over his alleged harassment of Gulalai. The piece, though, contained information that was false, for which it has come under serious scrutiny.

Pakistanis also seemed to be far from sold on the Ayesha Gulalai episode..

PTI seem to have reacted to the Al Jazeera story in the same fashion, via a video. Ali Haider Zaidi, a prominent PTI member, posted this video on his Twitter account..

The PTI also decided to formally issue a notice to Al Jazeera for their piece. On behalf of Imran Khan, PTI’s legal team sent this formal notice of defamation and falsification of information to the network..

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