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On November 8, history was being made in front of our very eyes when Farooq Sattar and Mustafa Kamal sat together at a press conference, symbolizing the dawn of the new era of politics in Karachi and Sindh. Twenty-four ours on, history was made again, as we all witnessed the fastest divorce ever seen.

After Altaf Hussain’s controversial speeches against Pakistan and it’s armed forces became one too many, MQM distanced itself from their leader, and formed MQM-Pakistan. After the emergence of Mustafa Kamal’s PSP, many predicted that the two would merge into one party, and this is exactly what was about to happen after the presser on Wednesday. The next day, Farooq Sattar held an emergency press conference, informing Pakistan of his u-turn by declaring that all agreements announced in the combined presser were null and void, much to the bewilderment of all those watching.

Pakistanis, who are now more involved in politics than ever before, were outraged, and ridiculed Sattar and his party over on social media..

Even our beloved Lala was hilariously dragged into the matter…

Apparently, Farooq Sattar did a lot of explaining regarding the Land Cruiser he ‘owns’. Pakistanis were having none of it..


What did you make of Farooq Sattar’s Uu-turn. Do you think he’ll make another u-turn and join hands with PSP again?

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