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How many times have you heard the phrase ‘kitni achi jagga hai, yeh tou Pakistan hi nahin lag raha!

Why is that that when we have to say that a place in Pakistan is great we have to say it doesn’t seem like Pakistan? Why has that become compliment?

Here’s how to bring some tabdeeli in YOU to ensure“Pakistan buhat pyaara(aur saaf) hai

1. Plant Trees!

This is always a given; trees live on carbon dioxide and let out oxygen and we take in oxygen. It is as simple as that: trees are the other half of humans. We need them to survive so plant one. When you eat a fruit or a vegetable, just plant its seed. It’s almost free. If you’re ambitious, you can also resort to an urban forest. Find out more about it here.

2. Water a plant DAILY.

Just randomly water one plant each day. Plants need water to survive but everyone doesn’t remember to water them and then those plants wither and die. Put it on your agenda to water that plant at your house door or in office everyday.

3. Don’t trash the roads- garbage bag rakh len gaari main?

Diapers, paan-spits, crisp packets, cans are just some of the things we commonly see being thrown out of car windows. Koi sharam hoti hai, koi haya hoti hai!

4. Zaaya mat karen. Upcycle and recycle.

Be thrifty and look at waste as a resource rather than purposeless material.

  • Have old clothes lying around, re purpose them. Have left over fabric from your suit? Use it as trims on a cushion or another solid kurta. Use fabrics as wrapping material and become paper less! Use fabrics as wrapping material and become paper less!
  • Have old furniture lying around? Take some inspiration from com for upcycling projects to avoid buying new pieces- and avoid wasting wood. Here’s a video to get your creative juices flowing:
  • Your banana peels, egg shells, aalu ke chilkay and other organic waste can serve as biomass for your garden plants. Serve them with this manna and see your plants bloom!
  • Recycle buttons and other bits and baubles to make crafty jewelry pieces!

5. Plastic se inkaar, zindagi se pyaar

Plastic products are non-biodegradable and are augmenting global land waste!If they get in the sea, they can be mistaken as jellyfish and a turtle can swallow it (Those little things are endangered as is). We agree that plastic may be unavoidable in some situations; these are some where we can act consciously:

6. Buy less, waste less

Our wardrobes are over flowing with clothes we do not need/wear, thanks to fast fashion! Pakistanis have a hard time applying “less is more” to their lives because log kya kahen ge? We hoard clothes-thanks to one sale after another- but there are many things we own which we are better off without. Sell off what you don’t need. Follow Kaaf.tay on Instagram for inspo!

7. Practice energy saving

You are probably unaware of all the energy you waste! Water leakage, broken pipes and open hydrants when you are out, or any electric short circuit, be mindful! Teach your house cleaner, cook, car wash person, security guard, office-boys energy saving techniques as well!It’s winter and here are some behavioral adjustments you can make:

  • Wear warm clothes indoors and avoid using heaters – there is a dire shortage of gas!
  • Use energy efficient appliances. Though energy efficient bulbs are more expensive off the shelf, their efficient energy use and longer service lives mean that they cost less in the long run. The same applies to all other appliances.
  • Hang-dry your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer/spinner
  • Wash dishes by hand and dab them with a piece of cloth to dry

8. Car pool

Log kya kaheinge? Meray pass apni gari nai hai? Snap out of this!The more cars we use, the more pollution we add to the world. So if you and your colleague have to go the same area, commute together.

Do you practice any of these? Are there any insightful ideas you may have? Share them in the comments below!

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