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The pain of the removal of the audio-jack was one disappointment too many for one particular Apple user, it appears. A man in France calmly entered an Apple Store in a mall in Dijon, and began smashing iPhones as if it was his day-job. With poise and balance, he grabs them, turns them over to their front, and smashes a steel ball right over the screen, and continues to do this to at least 10 more of the best selling phones in the world.

It was reported in the French media that he had been dissatisfied with Apple’s customer services, and was calling out for a refund. Upon rejection from the folks at the store, he decided to go on his iPhone smashing spree.

He also had a run-in with the security officials at the mall. After being apprehended, he scuffles with the staff, and even has the audacity to make a run for it, only to be held up and apprehended again. This is perhaps one area of his that might require more practice.

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