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The other day, I had a two hour break between my classes, a few of my friends suggested, we get a Desi Nashta brunch. The dilemma was that a 2 hour break time is usually not considered enough for a trip to get, breakfast, brunch, lunch or go out of the campus at all. This is when a colleague suggested that we go to Desi Nashta at Bundu Khan Liberty and try their Lahori Nashta thaali. We ordered an Uber and got in the car for our destination. Our campus is located in Gulberg, so the trip was short to liberty.

The Garden of Bundu khan Liberty restaurant was set up beautifully. The indoor setting was great too. And I insisted that I wanted to be sat inside but my friends wanted to sit in the Garden, so, I decided to give the eating outdoors experience a chance. There was no garmi or makhi there. The area was potted with sabza all over. The whole setting of the graden furniture gave a whole earthy, homey feel. And they had options for a semi outdoor setting too: there is a place for all your personalities. If, like me, you do not like the idea of eating outdoors but want to try, this is a great option.

We went there in an Uber, so I wont be able to recommend the parking situation. But our Uber driver did have a hard time navigating through the traffic outside the restaurant. The parking was full too. We had to wait to be seated for 10 mins. But once that was sorted, the rest was an experience to remember. The music was low and mellow, I could easily have a conversation with my friends without feeling the need to shout. There were a variety of things to order but all of us ordered the Desi Nashta Each. The food was served in a very desi styled way. In a big thal which held two Puris, and they had placed small bowls each containing a different thing I could eat my puri with. Namely Bhujia, Chanay, Halwa, and Dahi.  Here a picture to tickle all of your senses.

The puri was soft and crisp at the same time. It broke easily in bites easily. The chanay were tender and had the right amount of spices and the bujia was one of the best I have tasted. Halwa was not my favorite but I really enjoyed the edition of the plain Dahi. I asked the waiter for a spoon so I could eat it and my halwa. This act probably proves that even a burger can eat the desi nashta at Bundu Khan.

The service was quick and I could hear the sounds of frying and of chamach and churian from the kitchen. I could not see the kitchen but I could tell it was nearby. This added to my interest. I have an appetite of a teenage boy, but my desi nahta was more I could eat. What I liked the most was at the end, an elderly manger came to our table and asked us if we need tea and if we were satisfied with their service. He also asked me why haven’t I finished my food and added at the end that I wont get healthy if I don’t finish my food just like someone at home might tell me. This added a homely feel to my entire experience.

The things we loved about the breakfast of The Lahori Nashta thali at Bundu Khan Liberty aka the Pros for the Lahori Nashta Platter:

  • The Desi nashta includes two Puri, and the option of Bhujia, Chanay, Halwa, and Dahi for you’re your cravings
  • Time efficiency- If you live, work, or study anywhere in Gulberg, you can go to Bundu khan, order the platter, eat, pose for a few insta moments, and be back within one and a half hour.
  • The offer both outdoor and indoor seating
  • The food is fresh and you have to wait for it to cool down before you can eat it.
  • The manager is always on the round and will personally ask you if you are satisfied with your food.
  • The entire platter is for 200 only. And if you think you’re better off at a buffet, you really are not (I will tell you why in the Cons)

Cons for ordering the Lahori Nashta thaal:

  • You won’t be able to finish the entire platter all by yourself. You will need bae to finish it with and for those of us without bae, will have trouble but don’t worry you can share it with your family and friends.
  • Parking is an issue. You might not find a place to park your sawari.But their quick service makes up for the low parking space. People are usually done with their breakfast within an hour.
  • You might have to wait to be seated because the restaurant is always full but the quick service of the staff makes up for the waiting time; the max you will be made to wait is 10 mins.

Overall Ratings (* * * * *):

Mahool:                                     * * * *
Khana:                                       * * * * *
Mehmaannawazi (Service):   * * * * * *
Safayi:                                        * * * *
Mausiqi:                                     * * *
PaiseVasool:                             * * * * *


Do you want to grab a quick Lahori nashta, a brunch, or an early lunch with your friends, co-workers, or family? I am here today to review a breakfast restaurant of Lahore. The breakfast menu at Bundu Khan is available from 6 am to 1 in the afternoon. Bundu Khan gives you a wide variety of breakfast options to choose from but we are going to review the experience of having the Desi Nashta thaali today.

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