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Winter is coming!

That means short cold days and long dark nights. Are you feeling a little down, irritable, and tired for no reason? I know that I am. But don’t worry, we got you; we have ways to help you through this weather. What you are experiencing are called winter blues. This is a very common thing.

Let’s talk about why this is happening first. It is the change of the weather. Any change disrupts routine. It is also due to a sensitivity to the lack sunlight. Since now the days are suddenly shorter, it has confused your body’s clock. There is however a extreme form of Winter Blues called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If you notice a pattern in your sadness episode and they don’t seem to go away, you should see your doctor. You can even ask us for referrals.

Here are 4 ways to combat winter blues.

1. Let there be light


I know it’s cold and you feel like you should just curl up in bed but you have to remember, you are feeling this way due to the lack of sunlight. So during the mornings, go outside. Try to sit in the sun for a little while. Open the windows and let the sun inside.

2. Move it

Research shows that indulging in exercise increases the feel good chemicals in our body. So call up your old team-mates and start playing football again. Or just grab those badminton or tennis rackets from the store again and start to play. You don’t even have to join a fancy gym. You can even use the stairs at home. Wear your trainers, and run up and down the stairs just once. This is raise your heart rate and the feel good feelings will flow in.

3. Move it to Music

All those dhink chik dhink chik songs are made to make you feel good and pump you up. So take out those headphones and the fancy speaker and play some cheesy song when you start to feel down. Thank-god for todays music!

4. Help out more


Helping some else out always makes us feel good because when we help others we get a sense of satisfaction. So sign up of community work, or at a shelter. If you find that you may not be able to do that. Just clean out your closet and donate the clothes you don’t wear to someone who might.

5. Take it easy

Practice being mindful. Take in a deep breath…and exhale….inhale and exhale. Focus on your breath and nothing else. If your mind wanders, bring it back to the present and on focusing on your breathing again. Here is a simple tutorial video to help you become more centered

These ways that we have mentioned here are not a cure for any form of depression but this is a good temporary coping technique and strategies to help you battle feelings of gloom which are usually very common in this season. It is important to note that if these ways are not helping you out, you have to seek out a professional. You can even ask me for a referral by sending a DM to Postshive.
Stay safe. And tell us how you feeling about this article?

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