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PostsHive is a blog that directs its efforts to foster an online community, where readers can comment on a variety of news and information in accordance with their opinions and views on the topic under discussion. PostsHive wishes to create an environment where no reader feels uncomfortable or offended by the comments of other readers. Thus, PostsHive requests its valued readers to abstain from the following when commenting:
Disrespecting Other Readers: All comments of readers, whether positive or negative, are of immense value to Postshive and its authors. Please be polite to others while expressing your views, so that you are not rude or disrespectful to authors, readers or the blog itself.

Offensive Tones: PostsHive is a passionate advocate of the power of the freedom of speech, but with power comes responsibility also. When our readers get engulfed in constructive arguments, or even otherwise, it is requested that they abstain from the use of abusive language and offensive remarks of any sort.

Racial Discrimination: PostsHive will, in no way whatsoever, tolerate hate speech and racial discrimination during commenting by readers.

Spamming/Advertisements: The quality of the discussion in the comments is tarnished when spams are posted as comments. Therefore, strict action will be taken against any reader who posts spams. If you are interested in advertising on our blog, please contact the PostsHive team, and refrain from posting them in the comments section. We promise to get you great mileage.

Postshive holds the right to moderate any comment posted on its blog. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the moderation of your comments, or if the offense in deemed severe by the team, you may even be removed and blocked from commenting on PostsHive.

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