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From smog-tober, we’re on to smo-vember.

In 2016, it was claimed that Pakistan was facing climate changes because India had lit fire crackers for Diwali followed by blaming them for burning crops openly. But that’s not the complete picture: major air pollution in Lahore is due to tree chopping, heavy traffic, open burning and radical constructions are the perhaps more major triggers of the now annual arrival of the smog.

air pollution in Lahore

To all the fog lovers, do not misapprehend it as preliminary fog. It may look like it but you do not have breathing difficulties in fog. Smog is damaging to humans, animals, plants and nature as a whole and it can actually kill you.

We’re lucky this time that the recent shower in Lahore averted the smog from getting worse but guess what: Pollution levels are at an all-time high and air quality is hazardous!

Take these precautions to combat this hazard:

Precautions for Air pollution in Lahore

It is predicted that the smog will get worse in the upcoming weeks, there isn’t much we can do to change that in a few days but we can take necessary measures to keep ourselves safe from the injurious effects of smog. So, without further ado here are some precautions you can take during smog season.

1. Wear a mask


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It is dangerous to breathe in too much smog and it can have a negative effect on your lungs that can result in lung cancer. Wear a mask to avoid coughing and throat or chest irritation. People who need to be extra careful are:

Pregnant women- with smog there are higher chances of premature birthing.

People with asthma- their nausea, headaches, vomiting can be worsened due to smog.

Tip: If you don’t want to wear boring surgical masks, you can buy really cute and patterned masks from ‘Miniso’ or from

2. Limit outdoor activities

Avoid vigorous exercises like running or biking. Smog can lead to difficulty in breathing when you are doing outdoor exercises. Abstain from doing yoga as yoga requires a lot of inhaling and you do not want to inhale these hazardous pollutants. Workout indoors and refrain from sending children outdoors during recess in schools. Other places that you should avoid are:

Construction Sites


Outdoor Restaurants

3. Use Rose Water


Most people get irritation or itching in the eyes. The best way to wash away the detrimental toxins from your eyes is to use rose water or rose water drops. Women who suffer from itchy eyes or are prone to sties must keep away from- kajals, mascaras or eye-shadows, these can aggravate the irritation. Shop them on!

4. Have plenty fluids


Just like the eyes, by breathing the smoggy air your body is going to be filled with risky toxins. When the polluted articles enter your blood stream, they act like cigarette smoke, triggering minor strokes and inflammation in lungs. So, to wash away the junk out of your system, drink plenty of water (add lemon, mint and cucumber for some extra detox) and avoid drinks that are sold on ‘thellas’.

5. Get some Indoor plants


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It is a well-known fact that plants are a great source to clear the air and emitting oxygen. Our gardening freaks can promise that the greatest way to clear air naturally in your houses is to use indoor plants (plus nature is a source of positive energy). For centuries Aloe Vera has been known as a natural healer for earth and homo sapiens. Now it’s time to go to the nursery and get this juicy plant with long pointed leaves.

You can also use plants like:

  1. Spider Plant- Apart from purifying the air these plants are non-toxic and are in fact, edible.
  2. Jade Plant- Aka Money Plant, this plan is known as the good luck symbol and these plants can last for a lifetime. So, you don’t have to worry about then dyeing on you.
  3. Dieffenbachia- Also known as Dumb Cane. These plant stems are poisonous; therefore, you must be wary with these plants when using them in your house.

6. Air Purifier


If you can afford to, then investing in air purifiers is a superb idea! They are perfect to get rid of the dirty air from your bedrooms and dining rooms without worrying about maintenance. Otherwise, the good old plants listed above are the perfect source. Shop them on!

7. Pray

Last but not the least is to pray for rain. Our health and the environment is not going to get any better unless or until we get rain to clear away all this smog. So pray that God blesses us with rain as soon as possible and get rid of air pollution in Lahore.

Keep yourself and the environment safe by taking these essential precautions!

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