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Bid adieu to Cash on delivery!

Do you have to run to the nearest karyana store to fetch change because the delivery guy never has it? Does your mother taunt you for the hefty money she paid for all the Cash On Delivery orders she received and paid for in your absence? Do you live under the threat of online payment forgery and theft? Much to our delight and relief, our banks have made online shopping in Pakistan incredibly quick, easy and safe with the option of their best debit cards in Pakistan for online shopping. 

Here’s the basic low-down: online shopping can be done with any debit card supported by VISA, Master Card, and more recently, Union Pay (Chinese payment partners – YUP, they’re here too!), meaning you don’t exactly require a credit card to shop online-contrary to popular belief. Reach into your wallet, take out your card and see whether you see any of their logos.

Best Debit Cards For Online Shopping In Pakistan

In case you don’t have one, or are willing to get another one just to fuel your craving for online shopping in Pakistan on your phone/laptop, here are our favorite picks of debit cards to give you a head start:

Best debit cards for online shopping in Pakistan

MCB Lite

MCB lite debit card
  • Does not require a formal bank account – your phone number becomes your bank account.
  • Does not require a fixed initial deposit also.
  • MCB charges Rs. 300/- (as of May 2018) on every order on its Lite card

Avail discounts on a wide variety of stores and download their super convenient application to track your payments.

Get your MCB Lite Card: 021-111-000-622, SMS ’lite’ to 6222

UBL Wiz Card

  • You’ll be charged slightly more for the card than MCB Lite
  • You’d have to go to the nearest UBL branch to get your card.
  • Although it considered incredibly safe and reliable, UBL does not have an application in place for its Wiz Card, meaning tracking transactions can be a bit of a problem.

Get your Wiz Card: 021- 111 825 888

HBL Debit Card

HBL is another veteran in the banking sector, and its debit card services have never disappointed.

  • The biggest upside to HBL’s debit card is that it does not require activation – no need to call HBL’s helpline.
  • Very popular with Facebook business owners who use it conveniently to run promotions.

 Get your HBL Debit card: 021-111-111-425

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered’s service standards have never been in doubt, making its debit card ultra reliable and safe. Its mobile application is considered the best in Pakistan, which adds to customer convenience when payments need to be monitored and accounts need to maintained. The only flip side is that its services are slightly expensive as compared to the aforementioned banks.

Standard Chartered helpline: 111 002 002

It is worth mentioning that with most debit cards, the facility to shop online has to be activated, for which additional charges are paid(sometimes), and for traveling and shopping internationally, an international session has to be activated. With online shopping in Pakistan at the peak of its popularity, thousands flock to the likes of, Ali Express and more every day to splash their cash, preferring to shop in the comfort of their homes, rather than going through the physical hassle.

Our verdict: All debit cards are reliable, but all websites are not. Make sure you know where you’re shopping from. The age of online shopping is well and truly upon us – no wonder got taken over for $200 million (The News) by AliBaba!

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