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Lahoris are very popular for having a big heart, but what is even bigger than their heart is their king sized appetite. There are often times when you’re out on the road and are starving for a tummy bursting meal, but your wallets’ a little light. No need to worry- the next time that happens, here are the 5 places you can go and eat your heart out under Rs.100:

This place is must have for daal chawal lovers, and you will get your money’s worth at Qalandari Daal Chawal. You will get a full plate of rice with daal, salad, raita and a chicken shami in just Rs.70. The quantity is sufficient, you wouldn’t need a second plate until and unless you have starved for the whole day. It is located on Mall road opposite Hall Road and also in Faisal Town Main Boulevard, besides PSO Petrol pump.

Total Likely Spend: Rs.100/-

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