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Take charge from the DJ!


This is what our weekly schedules will soon be looking like.

As the wedding season kicks off, the pressure of delivering perfectly co-ordinated dances begins to build up. The first step to curb this is to finalize the most important aspect: the songs!

They need to be hit crowd pullers, shareef enough to not offend the baray and shughal and cool enough to keep the young crowd.

Firstly, KEEP IT PAKISTANI! Why borrow from Bollywood when our own musicians have made the selection so much easier?

PostsHive shares the top 5 songs that you can groove to on Mehndis this wedding season:

5. Lahore Terey Tay

The song is an epic ode to the Lahori Mutyaqr. If you’re from the Larki walay, dance on it for your sister-cousin or friend. If you’re from the larkay walay, make the groom dance to it for the bride!

The song weaves in the classic “Bajray da Sitta” with praises for the girl that Lahore is crazy for, in catchy, techno-bhangra composition.

4. Ballay Ballay

When we first heard this one, it came across as Abrar’s desperate attempt to remind audiences of ALL his hits.
Nonetheless, we were eventually hooked!

The song has sections which you can dance to as part of a medley or you can even take the song up as a whole. So, Gidday wich aaja saaday naal ni!

3. Munday Lahore De

It’s catchy, sassy and full on Punjabi…we finally have THE perfect song for a jugalbandi on the dance floor!

Make it a larkay vs Larki walay affair or have a boys vs girls competiton from your own side. Burn up the dance floor!

2. Aya Lariye

We first swayed to the Meesha Shafi and Naeem Abbas Rufi’s rendition from Coke Studio and this year, the song was recreated with a techno/disco vibe in the movie “Jawani Phir Nai Aani”.

Borrow a few steps from Fahad Mustufa-but certainly not Mawra Hocaine- and dance to them on either of the versions. The song’s a major crowd puller!

1. Luddi Hai Jamalo

Snap your fingers and clap your hands to this evergreen number- Kudos to Humera Arshad and Ali Sethi for doing justice to Noor Jahan!

No wedding is complete with out a free-style, non-prepared Luddi. From your nani,daddi to your youngest cousin, this song will pull everyone to the dance floor immediately! Haye

Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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