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It’s shaadi season time! Just like every year, 2018/19 has been met with as much zest and zeal as always, with markets and malls being flooded with shoppers and tailors struggling to accommodate orders. For men, whether they are invitees or its the groom himself, this time of year allows them to suit up – to create a sumptuous combination of colours and contrasts, matching their ties with their suits, and waist-coats with their kurtas, none of which can be completed without a dapper pair of shoes to complete the look. To help our fellow shaadi-goers this season, we compiled a list of Pakistani shoe brands where you can buy the most trendy and high quality made to order shoes to help you dress up to impress in the countless functions and events that await you in the forthcoming months.

Our list of 5 Pakistani shoe brands!

5- Gomila Intersole


Gomila Intersole can be credited to have popularized the concept of bespoke shoes in Pakistan, at least amongst the vast majority of the guys out there. This might well be due to the fact that they are absolutely adored by the entertainment fraternity – just take a look at Gomila’s Instagram account. With quality and trendy designs an uncompromised constant; Gomila can very well be touted of the leader of the pack of bespoke shoes in Pakistan. It is a tad expensive, though. Find out more about them here.

4- Pelle Producto


During our quest to find handmade shoes on Instagram and Facebook, we bumped into Pelle Producto. Meaning ‘products made from skin’ , the brand offers bespoke shoes of the finest standards, made to perfection to fit every size, for every occasion, from smart casual to dapper formal. It was found that their designs were as contemporary as anyone around, and were a less pricey as well. Based on our analysis and user reviews, Pelle Producto is worth giving a shot at. Check them out on Facebook.

3- Mens Carlo & Boots


These two names are part of the famous shoe corner at Liberty Round About in Lahore. Both Boots and Men’s Carlo offer shoes of the highest leather quality and craftsmanship, but where their difference lies is in the price. Boots has been known to cater to a more senior demographic (or the high-end consumer), who can afford to pay close to fifteen thousand for a pair of shoes.  Men’s Carlo, on the other hand sells shoes at a much lesser price, offering equally contemporary designs. Check both of them out. We’re sure you’ll like something.

4- Foot Print


Even if you don’t like what Foot Print is selling, we guarantee you’ll be completely sold by their website- which is by far one of the very best of its kind in Pakistan. Specializing in bespoke shoe making, Foot Print is one of the oldest players in the game, amassing a clientele of over 5000 customers, selling more than 100,000 pairs. Book an appointment with them over on their website.

5- Anarkali/Saddar

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This is for all bargain hunters out there, the hustlers, trying to get the best pair at the least possible price. We suggest you take time out and go to Anarkali (in Lahore) and Saddar (in Karachi), and get these shoes made at half the price!

Google your heart out regarding the perfect design for you, show them the picture and they’ll manufacture it to perfection. There are only two questions you’ll need to answer before this exercise:

  1. Are you willing to go through the hustle and bustle of going to these crowded markets
  2. Are you willing to trade off durability for price?

Where are you heading to?

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