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A lot of us are regular gym goers, but haven’t had the desired results. This is a very common occurrence among-st those who wish to gain muscle or put on weight. Simply eating more is never enough, so here are some dietary essentials you need, to go from skinny to beefy.

Get enough carbohydrates


Carbs are a must have for every gym goer. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in your body, so if you’ve run out of steam during your workout, its because you’ve run out of carbs in your body. Carbohydrates, or sugars in simple terms, is key for your digestion, energy maintenance and muscle recovery. To gain muscle, you need to lift those heavy plates in the gym, and to have the energy to do that, you must take in the right type of carbs. Boil and eat a large sized potato along with a couple of bananas, and you’ll be good to go.

Add beef and chicken to your diet for protein


Beef and chicken must be a staple food for your muscle gaining process to work. Loaded with proteins, meat is also a great source of iron, zinc and vitamin-B, which help in blood production. They are also great sources of amino acid, which work with insulin for the digestion of proteins, improving muscle growth. Eating these is simple; just buy four kilograms for a month, and divide them into sixteen portions, each of 250 grams, and eat them four times a week. Boil them or cook them, whatever your taste buds savor.

Egg Whites are also a good source for protein

Egg whites are the simplest forms of proteins that you need for muscle growth, especially for those operating on a tight budget. On the cheap and easy available everywhere, egg whites are loaded with all the essential amino acids that aid in the speedy conversion of proteins. We suggest you consume at least four egg whites, ideally six, after every workout. Each egg white contains almost 6 grams of proteins, and coupled with your other protein sources, you’ll be bulking in no time.

Cheese and Milk intake for muscle size and tonemilk-and-cheese

While cheese is harmful for those who are watchful of their cholesterol intake, it serves just as well for those trying to gain weight. Cheese, especially cottage cheese, is packed with pure proteins, which are digested slowly by the body, that help in the maintenance of muscle size and tone. Milk works in a similar fashion. In addition to fulfilling your liquid intake needs, it provides protein in the form of casein and whey. Eating cheese with a meal, and drinking two glasses of milk a day would do wonders for you.

Lastly, The supplements


Supplements in the form of whey proteins and mass gainers are the most widely used dietary intake used in the world by gym-goers. They are simply powdered forms of the proteins, carbs and fats you would normally consume by eating a whole variety of foods during the day. Whey protein is an extract from milk, and adding this as a daily protein boost to your diet would help you rack up the desired grams of proteins in a day for muscle growth. There is a reason Whey Protein is so popular around the world; it is a fast and convenient source of protein at an affordable price. Go to your nearest GNC outlet to buy a box, and witness the box do its magic.

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