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The renowned novelist, playwright and short story writer breathed her last, at the age of 88, in Itefaq Hospital at time of Maghrib prayer on Saturday. Ms. Bano Qudsia was interested in writing since her childhood.  She graduated from the Kinnaird College, Lahore and completed her masters in Urdu from the Government College, Lahore. Her novel “Raja Gidh” (The Vulture King) earned praise from country fellows and abroad. She has written hit drama serials, novels and plays including Aadhi Baat, Aatish-i-zer-i-paa, Aik Din, Amer Bail, Asay Pasay, Chahar Chaman, Chhotaa Sheher Baray Log, Footpath ki Ghaas, Hasil Ghaat and Hawa Kay Naam. She was awarded Sitara-i-Imtiaz and Hilal-i-Imtiaz by government of Pakistan for her though provoking style of writing. Many celebrities including Imran Khan, Vasay Chaudhary, Sarmad Khoosat, Feeha Jamshed and many others have expressed grief over grave loss. Her admirers are upset over her death and ‘Bano Qudsia’ has been trending on Twitter since Saturday till now.

Here are few of the famous quotes of Ms. Bano Qudsia:

1) Importance of Mother

She emphasized the importance of a mother in the life a child in her play ‘Piya Naam Ka Diyya’. Sarmad Khoosat shared this lovely quote of her from that play expressing sorrow over her death.bano-qudsia-quote-1

2) Madnessbano-qudsia-quote-2

3) Lovebano-qudsia-quote-3

4) Truthbano-qudsia-quote-4

5) Liberalismbano-qudsia-quote-5

May her soul rest in peace!

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