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Genius can write at the back of old envelopes but mere talent requires the finest stationery available.

– Dorothy Parker

Raise your hand if you like your work space to be inspiring, comforting and productive! Whether you’re a student, a corporate slave, a creative that works from home or simply a sucker for updating your space with design details, the right desk stationery can turn even the most arduous of mundane tasks into a pleasing experience.

Thankfully, these Pakistani boutique stationery brands will allow you to stylishly update your pencil case and desk accessories:

1. Prisms and Paintbrushes

Source: Facebook / Prisms and Paintbrushes

Prisms and Paintbrushes is a small home based stationery brand that has products featuring eccentric illustrations and whimsical art. This brand is not only limited to stationery but also offers keychains, magnets, art prints (framed and unframed), phone covers, button badges and not only this but they also do customization and bulk orders.

Greeting Cards: Who doesn’t like quirky greeting cards, especially when they are given by your siblings, best friends or your lover. Make your loved ones smile by giving them these whimsically  illustrated greeting cards…

Notebooks: Their Harry Potter notebooks and journals are an eternal bliss for our Potterheads because they are definitely in for a treat, not only this but their feminist journals are to die for. You can even buy some funky tags with it to give quirkily customize your notebooks.

Zipper Cases: Of course, when you have a load of pens and sticky notes, you need a case to put in all your stationery. So, why not buy these hip zipper cases for your stationery? You can even use them as a vanity bag and make others go goo-goo gaa-gaa over it when you reach for your lipstick.


2. The Blingspot Studio

Source: Facebook / TheBlingspot

Founded by two craft-addict sisters, Blingspot Studio not only brings you pretty stationery but they also offer bi-monthly STATIONERY SUBSCRIPTION BOX “HAPPY MAIL”. In Happy Mail you can find all sorts of stationery goodies, you just have to subscribe beforehand for their subscription box. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to:

Pens: Enough with the boring Piano pens, get your hands on these adorable Baymax colored pens, make your next assignment or project stand out by using these appealing pens.

If you are not a fan of color you can also go for their black inked pens.

Aren’t these enchanting…

Bookmarks: There is no doubt that bibliophiles, with books, love collecting different kinds of bookmarks. So, for the pleasure of readers Blingspot Studio also offers really cute bookmarks. Why not gift your reader friends these bookmarks along with some of their favorite books?

More Zipper Cases: We are absolutely obsessed with zipper cases, these zipper cases are super cute and we just can’t wait to get our hands on them. They even offer slightly bigger cases with more case so you can even fit your phone or maybe a small notebook.

3. Inkspot


Source: Facebook/Inkspot

This world of little things, based in Islamabad, will provide you with best and handpicked stationery. Indulge your creative side with their affordable products and unleash your hidden passion for stationery.

Notepads: Every stationery brand offers notebooks and notepads but none do it like Ink Spot. We are absolutely fond of their vintage notepads.

P.S. They not only have vintage notepads but cat journals (if you are a cat lover do not miss these charming journals) and other hardcover journals as well.

For orders log on to:

And more zipper cases: We can’t help but drool over these cactus pouches.

If not cactus, then why not go for these pretty flamingo pouches.

Washi Tapes: Washi tapes are perfect for any DIY project; they transform any journal or notebook from boring to exciting. Go for these special patterned washi tapes and make your next project fun filled and thrilling.

No doubt these stationery brands are our all-time favorite and we have just highlighted the products that we think are the best, they offer much more than that. Check out their Facebook pages and you don’t even have to go out to buy their stationery, they will provide you everything you need on your doorstep!

Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

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