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Pakistanis live in what goray sociologically call a collectivist society, which by definition, means all participants live in perfect harmony, dependent on each other. If you’re being perfectly honest, it is anything but, isn’t it? For us, it means unnecessary intervention, out dated norms and concepts, and things becoming redundant AF.

On International Day for Tolerance and Endurance (November 16), we look at ten things/concepts/people we’ve all been tolerating and enduring with for way too long, and the time has finally come for all of us to shun them for good:

10. Ferrero Rochers

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Pakistanis, what is with your obsession with that golden boxed delicacy?! While we can proudly admit to liking it just as much as the next guy, but why does it have to be gifted on each and every occasion in the world!? Here’s a little suggestion: the next time you want to gift someone a box of chocolates, go to Lal’s Chocolate or Buttler’s Chocolate Cafe and get a box. It’ll make a better impression!

9. The “Come Out” Text:

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Don’t you just feel like an absolute fool standing aimlessly outside your house, looking out for your friend to finally arrive?! The come out text has been fooling us for as long as phones and text messages have been around, and we can all proudly admit to falling prey to it every time.

8. The “Khuda Waris Hai” Confusion:

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Now before you take this the wrong way, let us clarify that this in no way is meant to apply in derogatory terms. The thing is, Pakistanis take faith for granted most of the times, sitting on their sorry asses and expecting powers from above to work things out for them. Get up, work hard and be patient, for harkat mai barkat hai!

7. Angrezi Stigma

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If you’ve ever cringed at someone cracking a fake accent or trying to respond to a simple Urdu question in English, join the club. The Angrezi kewlness stigma is a Pakistani keerha that has gotten way out of control, and FYI, it’s gotten a little old too. Here’s to embracing our lashkari zabaan!

6. Cousin Marriages

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Pehlebhaiya, phirsaiyyan?!

While the age-old Pakistani tradition of marrying your bloodline has its fair share of perks, cousin and caste-specific marriages have led to a gazillion couples leading unfulfilling and unhappy lives. We feel when you put your child through good schools, educate him/her to become a more mindful and progressive individual, you come back to square one when you pair him with phupho ki beti (and vice versa), just because. Time to open up to love marriages!

5. Log Kya Kahengay?!

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Apnay apnay ghar ke aagay safayi karen na bhaee!

Another extension of the aforementioned point, the ‘Log Kya Kahengay’ problem is well embedded within all our psychological coding, because frankly, it’s just the way we’ve seen things be. From our parents to our friends, the fact that what others think about you being more important than what you think is best for you is prevalent everywhere.

4. Shiekh Rasheed, Moulana Fazal Ur Rehman and other politicians

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Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing the same old faces when you’re watching the news? Most of these men are filthy rich businessmen and landlords, for whom the parliament has become more of a drawing room than a full time job. Out with the old and in with the new, please!

3. Pesha bas Engineering ya Doctory:

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Raise your hand if you’ve been made to study Engineering or Medicine just because your parents wanted you too! What parents almost never consider is the lifelong regret they embroil their child in when they’re made to pursue a career they don’t like. There are plenty of other professions in the sea. Take it from us; writing isn’t all that bad!

2. Nosy Phuphos

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An apology in advance for all the kind (and rare) phuphos out there. Nosy phuphos or aunties are a staple of every Pakistani family, and it stems from the fact that we allow people to unnecessarily poke their noses into our matters. Aunties and uncles, time to mind your own business, please.

1. You’re 25 – time to find you a dulha/dulhan!

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While most of us are desperate to get intimate, legitimately, by the time we’re 25, the truth is, not everyone is ready for shaadmani. Yes, we all operate on a biological clock, but we also have dreams to pursue, ambitions to fulfill and goals to achieve before we settle down. If only our parents understood!

Which of these are you most annoyed of? Tell us in the comments!

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