12 types of Rozay Daar you will find in Ramadan!

The month of Ramadan has begun and we already know all types of RozayDaars around us. Kudos to all the rozaydaars who are fasting in these hottest months of the year. Here is a list of all 12 types of people you will find in the Holy month of Ramadan.

1. Who wakes up 30 minutes before Iftaar!

2. Who is always complaining, ‘Roza lag raha hai’

3. Who keeps staring at food with ‘gandi nazrain’

4. Who waits for Iftaar just to smoke!

5. Who goes break-free at Iftaar!

6. One who lecturers everyone to be pious in Ramadan!

7. Whose andar ka shaitaan does not die in Ramadan!

8. Who loves to invite people to Iftaars! *angels*

9. Who takes Ramdan as a month of dieting!

10. The ones that forget they are fasting and drink water!

11. Who is lazy throughout the month!

12. The resolution maker!


Which type of Rozaydaar are you?

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