The downside of Daachi Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Lahore!

Daachi arts and crafts exhibition in Lahore aims at promoting craftsmen from all over Pakistan by giving them a platform to showcase their work twice a year, in Lahore. It’s a revival of cultural activities in Pakistan. This spring, Daachi arts and crafts Exhibition was held in 7, 8 and 9 April, 2018. This time, Postshive took a trip to Daachi Exhibition on the 2nd day and interviewed customers and vendors from all over Pakistan.

The exhibition had more than 150 stalls from all over Pakistan, selling their traditional products. Apparently, Daachi is more about handmade crafts and less about commercial stuff and companies.

The downside of Daachi Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Lahore!

Low Footfall

According to most of the vendors, this time, the footfall of the Daachi Exhibition was very low. One of the stall members told us that the management of Daachi misguided them about last time’s footfall. According to Daachi’s management, they sold 16 thousand tickets in the previous exhibition. Whereas many people confirmed that this wasn’t really the case.

Daachi Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Lahore

Shopping Bags usage at Daachi

Then another issue highlighted by the stall owners was the use of shopping bags. No doubt, it’s a good practice to discourage the use of plastic bags but confiscating the bags and persuading them to use the Daachi’s Rs 50 bags isn’t a good practice either. Mr Naseem, a worker of one of the stalls, told us that their large branded bag cost them Rs 150 each and smaller ones cost Rs 80 each and with the kind of discounted prices at Daachi, they cannot afford to use those bags for every customer. Still, we saw so many people holding plastic bags while shopping. When inquired, we came to know that many stalls, which were in the panel of Daachi, were using plastic bags. We feel it’s a little unfair for other stall owners, IF it’s happening under management’s knowledge.

Daachi Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Lahore

Placement of Stalls throughout the Hall

Another example of injustice which we saw at Daachi was the stalls placement throughout the hall. What’s their criteria of placing the stalls? How do they decide which stall will get the place at the front and which ones to put at the back? Which ones to put behind the pillars and which ones to put in the gallery, which many people ignored while visiting the exhibition. Either they set categories and prices for the stalls in different areas of the hall or at least give a clear justification to the vendors for placing their stall in odd places.

Daachi Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Lahore

Promotion of Non-environmentally Friendly Products

Daachi takes pride in promoting handmade items and environment friendly products BUT we saw the display of products made from Elephant teeth. Camel Skin and Cow leather products. Camel and Cow skin is still justified since they are ‘Halal’ animals and their skins are reused but what about Elephant teeth products?

No or less Stalls for Male Audience

We also interviewed few male customers, who were of the opinion that Daachi should take steps on adding more male oriented stalls. 90% of the stalls were female centric stalls and there were only 2 3 stalls for men which included leather wallets and belts etc. Plus, there’s nothing new in Daachi arts and crafts exhibition in Lahore, anymore. We have seen the same stalls every year. Not only that, but there’s repetition of stalls in every lane. Same stalls of pottery, jewelry, Sindhi clothes etc. Daachi really needs to up their game in this regard.

Daachi Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Lahore

Quality Check on Food Stalls

One last thing we observed at Daachi arts and crafts exhibition in lahore was the lack of checks on food items. All the products were overpriced and not up to the standard quality. A simple glass of a mint margarita for Rs 200? We also observed that few stalls(won’t mention their names) were using ready-made stuff brought directly from the market.

Daachi Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Lahore

Keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind, Daachi’s management need to come up with a game plan to tackle these serious issues or otherwise their footfall will gradually decrease. And most importantly, they need a good marketing team who can create awareness among masses other than just creating a Facebook event.

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