Asim Azhar Just Spilled The Beans On His First Love, His Humble Beginnings and His Family Life

If Pakistan ever had a Justin Bieber equivalent, Asim Azhar would fit the bill perfect. Having been a discovery of social media himself, Asim has risen from the shadows of an up and coming musician, to a heartthrob and actor. But there are facets of his life you never knew about.

Asim Azhar had been a YouTube and Facebook artist before his first break in Coke Studio, but it did not come easy. Having auditioned to sing Tera Woh Pyaar with Momina Mustehsan, Asim wasn’t sure if he would even get the part, but destiny decided he was to eventually star in a song which is currently the third most viewed Coke Studio song on YouTube.


In his tell all interview with Sameena Peerzada on her YouTube podcast show ‘Rewind With Sameena Peerzada’, a lot of personal questions were thrown on the young singer, all of which he handled with maturity and honesty, revealing to all viewers and fans what he went through on his journey to becoming the famous singer and actor he is today.

Asim was born and raised in Karachi, but considers himself a proud Punjabi. His father was a musician as well, having married two women, the second of which is Asim’s mother. But, contrary to what usually happens in Pakistani homes prevailing in such conditions, Asim had a childhood where he was loved and adored by both his mothers, and still continues to be.

He credits his mother for all that he is today. While Asim was struggling to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer, his mother worked ordinary jobs to provide for her son. And now, her proud son wishes to one day gift her a nice house in return for all that she has done for him. We suspect that time is not far off; Asim recently bought his first car.

The guy is still only 21 years old!

It did not come easy for Asim, much like all other famous artists of our time. He recalled how he was running late for a recording at a studio, and asked his friend to drop him there on his motorcycle. In the blazing and humid heat of the Karachi summer, his motorcycle ran out of petrol, and he was stuck there, thinking of his next move.

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