BAGHI Just Aired Its Season Finale, And Has Left People Showering The Show With Praise

When it was announced that a tv-show about Qandeel Blcoh was coming out, the audience had mixed feelings, just like they had mixed feelings for Qandeel Baloch herself. Little did anyone expect that it would become this popular, which is why people have been throwing heaps of praise it’s way.

Its been a fantastic year for Saba Qamar, to say the least. Hindi Medium, her breakthrough Bollywood movie, was one of the best movies to come out last year, not because of its action sequences and shirtless heroes, but because of the originality of script and meticulous execution of a marvelous plot. Qamar got nominated by the Filmfare in India, setting the ball rolling on what can be a wonderful career in Bollywood.

‘Baghi’ received a lot of attention, even before it’s airing, primarily because the audience wondered how such a complex character would be resurfaced on the small screen, and what facets of her controversial personality would be added and subtracted in the show. Osman Khalid Butt, the shows writer, came up trumps in this regards, and made Kanwal Baloch as reminiscent of Qandeel as possible.

The final episode of Baghi saw Kanwal bid farewell to her love interest, travel back to her home, only to be strangled by her brother to death. The audience paid tribute to the show, and to Saba Qamar, on Twitter..

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