The Avengers – Infinity Wars Just Broke A World Record That You Absolutely Won’t Believe

Marvel has set the bar very, very high when it comes to superhero movies; just ask the folks over at DC. With the release of Justice League not being as successful than one would expect, the space is already made for the next edition of the Avengers series to absolutely sweep the floor.

The Infinity Wars series is part of a two part story, the trailer for the first of which was released on November 29. The movie is set to formally introduce Tholin, played by Josh Brolin, the villain who was seen in small parts in the Avengers movies, but will be the Avengers’ arch nemesis in Infinity Wars.

The movie will also allow for almost all the Marvel Universe that we have seen so far to be working together for a common cause. Reports suggest there may be upto 70 Marvel character who may feature in the film, and there might even be some main characters reaching their end in the series as well.

The release of the trailer for infinity wars sent fans into a frenzy, who flocked YouTube and any other outlet they could see the trailer on. That allowed Infinity Wars to break the record for the most views withing 24 hours of it’s release. Infinity Wars’ trailer was seen a total of 230 million times in just 24 hours worldwide, a new record.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer as yet..

Avengers- Infinity Wars releases worldwide on April 25, 2017. Mark your calendars!

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