Meera Singing Titanic’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Meera Ji has been our most favorite female celebrity over the years. Her achievements in the world of entertainment, her famous English language skills set and her exploits with Captain Naveed have never left us dreading the sight of her. Now, it seems she has turned to singing.

Meera has been making rounds of the High Court in the past weeks, after she was called upon by the Court in response to the dual nikkah certificate case filed against her by her self-proclaimed husband, Ateeq-ur-Rehman. Although pictures of her nikkah ceremony with Ateeq, and even of what it seems like their honeymoon, have been all over the internet for quite some time now, Meera denies that she had ever married Ateeq. Ateeq-ur-Rehman claims that Meera cannot marry another man while she is married to him, while Meera wants the court to declare the certificate null and void.



On November 15, when the media surrounded her outside the court to have a little fun with her, they demanded that she sing the famous Titanic song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by legendary singer Celine Dion, after a video went viral on social media of the actress singing the song. Meera, much to the reporters’ delight, duly obliged..

Where there is Meera, there are also loads and loads of comments. Here are the best few..




Just in case you were in the mood of listening to the original again..

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