Verna Has Been Banned By The Censor Board, And Fans Have Been Seriously Opposing The Decision

So much for all the hype, promotion and excitement on part of the cast and fans of Shoaib Mansoor’s big screen comeback film Verna. The movie has been banned by the Pakistani censor board, putting the success of the film up in the air.

When the trailer for the movie was released, fans were absolutely buzzing in excitement, not only because a genuinely good movie was about to be showcased, but also because it was a Shoaib Mansoor film, which always put forward though provoking topics. Another such topic was the subject of Verna as well, which highlights how rape in Pakistani society is used as a tool of masculinity, and how the rich and powerful of the country get their way even if they are in the wrong. The censor board has deemed this to be a little too strong for the general public to fathom, it seems.

The movie was scheduled to premiere in Lahore today, on November 14, in what was set to be an absolutely star studded affair, but all arrangements were canceled due to the ban imposed. Inside sources to news channels have revealed that the entire committee is due to sit today and make a decision on the film. Until and unless the movie does not get the go-ahead from the censor board, it cannot be legally put up for display in cinemas across the country.

Every fan of Verna has been expressing his bewilderment at the intervention of the censor board..

Food for though, this!

And this..

The excitement for the movie is not just a local thing..

There are fans across the border too..

While the reservations of the censor board can also be understood, a film like Verna simply cannot be refrained from being shown in cinemas. We hope the matter is resolved quickly so that we can run to our cinemas and see Shoaib Mansoor’s latest masterpiece.

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