Here Are All The Best Pakistani TED Talks That Have Taken Place On The TEDx Stage

The TED platform has come a very long way from its inception over 30 years ago. The organization has spread to each and every corner of the globe, inspiring and engaging millions of people through their videos. The popularity of the TEDx platform, which allows institutes to conduct TED talks independently, has pulled some of the biggest personalities of Pakistan to speak on it’s stage.

The TEDx talks have been staged in some of the biggest cities of the country, in the most prestigious educational institutes around. Attended by thousands and viewed by millions, Pakistanis have delivered some very powerful speeches over the years on the TEDx stage. Here are some of the best:


Asad Umar – Re-energizing Pakistan’s Energy Crisis with Thar Coal- TEDx Karachi

Asad Umar knows a thing or two about business, doesn’t he. He was head of the Engro group for a number of years, and was considered the highest paid CEO from Pakistan’s corporate sector at the time. Even after his shift into politics, he conducts and analysis of Pakistan’s shortcomings and potential in this very acute study for a prosperous Pakistan:


Orya Maqbool Jan – The Rich History of Pakistan – TEDx HUP

Being a seasoned culturist and educationist, in addition to his vast knowledge of the political history of Pakistan, there are few that can doubt his cogent arguments. In this thought provoking talk, he highlights about the sheer brain drain that the West has inflicted on nations such as ours, and how we can overcome it:


Hasan Shehryar Yaseen – Impossible is Nothing – TEDx LUMS

One would think that for a designer like Hasan Shehryar Yaseen, who owns Pakistan’s biggest design house, all would have come easy to him. Well, it had not. Here is the story of HSY overcoming the most challenging of adversities to enable himself to realize his dream:


Mahira Khan – Combating Cyber-bullying – TEDx Lahore Women

The life of a celebrity is not as rosy at it might seem. Behind the curtain of fame and fortune lies a life of scrutiny, frustration and depression. Mahira Khan shares her take one matter that almost all those who are in the public eye can relate to today- cyber bullying:


Muniba Mazari – Turning Adversity into Opportunity – TEDx Islamabad

No matter what you’ve been through in life, you just have to take your hat off to Muniba Mazari’s story. For a woman in our society to look beyond her set backs, and to mold her life in accordance with her conditions is one lesson that we can all take from her experience. Here are tons of others:

Mukhtaran Mai – TEDx Karachi

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has always instigated her audience with politically challenging subjects in her documentaries, and another such story was taken to the TEDx stage. She sat with Mukhtaran Mai, another example of a victim of the worst atrocities that our society inflicts upon women:


Huma Amir Shah – Women Empowerment – TEDx HUP

You might know Huma Mir Shah from her very popular morning show on Geo TV with another popular news anchor Abdullah Sultan. She discusses how it was a cultural shock for her to shift from the UAE to Pakistan, and how she discovered sectarian biases that prevailed in the country.


From Esakhel to Hollywood – Laraib Atta – TEDx SZABIST

While she may not be famous, Laraib Atta’s story of how she chose to pursue a profession that she was actually interested in shows us all how we can, and should, follow her lead. This is the story of a young girl who became one of the first technical experts in Hollywood.


Never Give Up On Your Dreams – Imran Khan – TEDx Karachi

Imran Khan, the cricketer and politician, has been through it all, really. From his playboy image in his younger days, winning the World Cup in 1992, and then forming a political party that is now considered the second biggest in the country, Imran Khan recollects all his experiences and transform it into a mesmerizing account.

The Untold Story of Sikh Rule In Lahore – Fakir Syed – TEDx ULahore

Fakir Syed belongs to one of the oldest families of Lahore, and it is because of this very reason that his narration of the history of Lahore is worth listening to. He explains how the Sikh rule prevailed in the city of Lahore, and how that was influential in making Lahore the iconic city that it is:


The largest university of Asia, the University of Punjab, will be hosting its very first TEDx event, on November 11, 2017. Just like all TEDx events that have happened, the event will boast a stellar lineup of keynote speakers that promise to both engage and inspire. Make sure you’re there.

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