Uncle Majboor Getting THARKI With Boys Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever See

Uncle Majboor can rightly be touted as the biggest sensation of 2017. Although his ‘Shiyari’ video was shot and seen ages ago, it was when it received the social media kick that the video and its principle character shot to international fame.

The fame of the video prompted Pakistanis from all over the country rallying a cry to find Uncle Majboor. There were plenty who contributed incorrectly to the cause, posting Uncle Majboor lookalikes and impostors. With such an important matter on the line, Pakistanis were never going to give up that easy. After months of persistence, Uncle Majboor has finally been found, but this time, it seems his interests have changed.

Uncle Majboor seems to have handled his undesired fame very well. Instead of hiding away, he has decided to remain in character, but instead of himself, decided to foddle with another guy. Take a look..

Video courtesy The Tharak Page – TTP


Once a treasure is found, there are always more than one pirate on the hunt for it. Some boys who seemed to be huge fans of Uncle Majboor caught up with him, and demanded that he say their’s and everybody’s favorite line. Take a look..

Uncle Majboor’s fame just goes to show the sheer power of the social media of today. A video which was lost somewhere in old micro-sd memory cards and Nokia phones, somehow made it to Facebook, then to every Pakistani out there, and finally all around the world. With shirts being printed with an average Pakistani’s face on it simply proves that in today’s day and age, anyone can rise to fame, even a man decently aged man feeling himself.

Just in case you were missing Uncle Majboor..

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