Introducing Irha Parishei, The Transgender Model Whose Story Might Just Transform Her Community Forever

The transgender community of Pakistan has not only been completely been cast aside by society, it has also been tortured and stripped of it’s rights. In recent years, the trans community has been given more acceptability, especially in the world of show-biz, and the story of this trans girl proves it.


Irha Parishei was just like any other trans child, confused and scared, when she was being brought up in Sukkur. Not knowing who she was, she decided to shun all her self doubts by enrolling in a boys boarding school, but that made matters even worse. Lacking confidence and self esteem, she had two choices- live a life of utter confusion in an intolerant society, or embrace herself for who she was. She chose the latter.


While others around her used to aspire to become doctors and engineers, Irha dreamed of becoming a girl. After much contemplation, Irha decided to go under the knife to complete her physical transformation. After her operation, it was more than her sexuality that got transformed- she had become a new person. With most transgenders in Pakistan being either hesitant or being denied a fair crack at education, Irha decided to enroll in NUST School of Engineering, where she still currently studies.


“I am a spiritual person, which is why I began looking for an answer on my status in Islam. I concluded that I am a transgender woman and there’s no harm in being one.” Irha Parishei


Still only a young girl, Irha was hunted down by one of Pakistan’s most popular clothing brands GENERATION, who offered her to become part of their latest campaign, an opportunity that she gladly grabbed onto. Since then, both the brand and Irha have been receiving rave reviews, not only because it was a bold move on Generation‘s part, but also because it is about time some stereotypes were broken and the trans community were given decent shots at success.

Irha journey has been as tough as any transgender out there, but she has leapt over every obstacle thrown her way. It was her friends that became her support system, being there for her throughout her transition phase, without whom, she says, she would never have been able to muster up the courage to go under the knife. She also encouraged Pakistani parents to look beyond societal norms and expectations, and to protect their trans children, and shield them from the torture, rape and other vices the world out there aims at them.


A transgender child can be born into your home as well. Would you cast it aside, or love it as one of your own? The answer to this is the solution to the transgender problem of Pakistan.

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