This Brilliant New Qandeel Baloch Documentary Will Let You In On Her Life Like Never Before

It is about a year and a half ago that social media icon Qandeel Baloch was strangled to death in her own home, in her own bed, by her own brother. The Guardian, the UK based international news agency, released a documentary about Qandeel’s life that not many Pakistanis have yet seen.

Ever since her death, countless tributes had been continuing to come in different forms. Although almost everyone disapproved of her popularity seeking antics up on Facebook, there were very few out there that did not condemn the killing of an innocent 26-year old girl. A Qandeel Baloch biopic ‘Baaghi’ was made starring Saba Qamar, whose name is probably the most apt label that you can associate with Qandeel. The Guardian’s documentary ‘Qandeel’, though, looks at things from an investigative point of view, highlighting why and how Qandeel behaved the way she did.

It starts off from the beginning: The documentary highlights the birth of Qandeel Baloch on social media, and how she wasn’t exactly the only one who was putting up her sexuality for show. In fact, there are girls doing a lot worse than her..


It also sheds a light on the origins of Qandeel Baloch the character, which ,in truth, was exactly who she was. It also discusses why she was incorrectly labelled as Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian, and how her popularity became the reason for her own demise.


It also allows an insight into some facts regarding her life. For example, how she moved to Islamabad and changed her name from Fauzia to Qandeel to make a name for herself in showbiz.

It contains Mufti Abdul Qavi’s version of their famous meetup at a hotel in Islamabad, which went absolutely viral in Pakistan. It was this very encounter between the two that would lead to the demise of them both, but in very, very different circumstances.


The final chapter shows an account of what happened when Qandeel finally went home to Multan, and how her antics had become a serious problem for her family’s honour. That visit to her family home was to be her last.


Watch the full documentary:

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