Pakistanis Have Been Totally Hate-Tweeting Momina Mustehsan, But They Might Just Have A Point

The more times you say it, the bitter the truth becomes- to be a celebrity in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world, you lose some and you get some. The former seems to be Momina Mustehsan’s fate, these days at least.

While she would probably disagree with the notion, Momina Mustehsan made a very disappointing return to the stage that propelled her to super-stardom, with songs like Muntazir and Ghoom Taana failing to reach the heights of Afreen and Tera Woh Pyaar from the previous season, haters were always going to line up against her. Her latest achievement, which has astonished more people than it has delighted, made matters even worse for Momina.

She was named in BBC’s Hundred Most Influential Women list for 2017, and many have questioned as to what she has done to earn the honor, and you can sort of agree with their take on the matter.

Ever since, Pakistanis have been hating on Momina and asking her the same question that all of us have been asking ourselves, but in a much meaner way, obviously.

People also started hating on Momina Mustehsan’s best friend- MangoBaaz!

But there are people out there who are supporting the bubbly singer.

This just goes to show that being a public figure and the scrutiny attached to it can sometimes be a little too unfair. But again, you lose some, you get some!

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